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Big changes in the HoN scene

Big changes in the HoN scene

A big day in the HoN scene as we see three very popular European teams change their rosters this week. The scene seems to be suffering in a similar manner in which the DotA scene does, with teams and players switching teams fairly often, let's hope that it settles down today as we see some very promising new lineups enter the scene, each hoping to come out on top.

The first team with the new roster is none other than  Online-Kingdom

Online-Kingdom have been suffering from only a two man roster for many months now and they can now finally start to progress with a full stable lineup which has the potential to be very threatening to every other team.

The first new player for Online-Kingdom is H4nni, who was a very successful DotA player who made the switch to HoN when released and has proved that his skills don't only exist within DotA. He played with Overpow and Mag1X last year in KD-Gaming where they won DreamHack Summer 2010, so being back together with old team-mates obviously makes it easier to settle in. Secondly, SemiJew is returning to the roster after being in the first Online-Kingdom lineup, he is now returning after only a few weeks in order to make up for lost time.

The new squad have already played their first EMS group stage match against Reason-Gaming and were victorious and aim to do the same this week against FnaticMSI.


 Marc 'Mag1X' Muller
 Kai 'H4nni' Hanbuckers
 Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall
 Mathias-Benjamin 'SemiJew' Larson
 Remigiusz 'Overpow' Pusch

The second team with a new lineup is  KD-Gaming

KD-Gaming are well known for being one of the earliest successful HoN organisations, winning the first DreamHack event in the Summer 2010 event. The new roster involves four germans and an american, all are very well known within the scene. Leading the team is DeMenT who is a DotA turned HoN veteran, similar to H4nni. He will be leading his new team in confidence to become the worlds best. In recent interviews the team have been very confident in themselves that they can do this easily. With lot's of events going on for HoN this year, they have lots of opportunities to prove this.


 Mirsad 'DeMenT' Djokovic
 Murat 'pash' Karagoz
 Kevin 'Skilla' Spachmann
 Antonino 'SkyHigh' Pollina
 Stefan 'TKOlol' Riccelli

The final team with a new roster is  Competo

Yet another German lineup is established as Competo create another lineup full of experience. People say that they are not as threatening as the other new teams but do not count the squad out, as they are aiming to head to the top and we can hope to see them achieve their expectations throughout the year.


 Matthias 'Brille' Wolf
 David 'Derais' Landmesser
 Christian 'FLX_' Dohm
 Florian 'Jigen' Schoppler~
 Michael 'Micha' Drechsler

It is also apparent that the fairly successful  Team-Imperial have disbanded due to recent early elimiations from tournaments. People have seemed to finalize the rumours after seeing them not turnup for the Fnatic Play match yesterday.

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