Grubby and Steelseries become partners

Grubby and Steelseries become partners

After leaving EG last week, people were left wondering what the Warcraft III legend was planning for himself, rumours have now been confirmed that he has achieved an independent sponsor with none other then SteelSeries, meaning that he will not be playing on behalf of a team, he will be playing for himself whilst being sponsored by Steelseries, of course there will be things that he will have to do for the sponsor but we can only imagine it being things that he is very willing to do.

Very exciting news for Grubby and his wife Cassandra as this is a huge achievement for a player, we will hopefully see some exciting new ideas coming out from Grubby and SteelSeries together, in order to please his fans, one of the new things they are introducing is a website dedicated to Grubby and the community that he inspires. The website isn't fully live yet, but we can hopefully see it fully functioning very soon.

Grubby is currently at his first event following his new sponsorship, he is at MLG Dallas, but unfortunately went out in the opening brackets, it seems Grubby was not expecting to get much further as he seemed fairly happy after leaving an update for his fans on Facebook:

Aww no~! I got defeated! How'd that happen? I won all my games yesterday but lost today... I do think I met stronger opponents today, and they had no mercy (bullies!). I feel like playing a 100 more games in this MLG but sadly I'm out. This means, I shall have to go (as the Wind Rider from WC3 would say) "onwards and upwards!"

Grubby also mentioned how excited he was about the new partnership on Tumblr:

I’m really excited to share a major piece of news in my gaming career with all of you guys. Together with my wife I will be leading a new one-man team, “Team Grubby” if you will. As I apply and commit...

Whilst at MLG, Grubby defeated REQ.Darkcell, the ex EG player iNKa and Fayde, but lost to CocoA and DDE, Grubby will be meeting DDE again at NASL soon. Grubby seems extremely eager to improve at Starcraft 2 and it seems Steelseries can see this to, so we can expect to see Grubby training very hard and it should be an exciting year for the legend.

You can follow Grubby's every move at the following social Media sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, JustinTV and the website Follow Grubby.

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