British duo to cast Dreamhack Invitational

British duo to cast Dreamhack Invitational

On Tuesday 12th April, 8 players from all over the world will travel to Sweden to compete at the DreamHack Invitational which will be witnessed by a crowd of 450 people and countless more people online. In order to make this experience a much greater experience for the people at home, DreamHack have organised Shaun 'Apollo' Clark to cast once again, however alongside him this time will be his fellow countrymen Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker.

At the previous DreamHack event, people were able to witness d.apollo casting on behalf of them for people at home to enjoy, a great job was done by the Brit, a good enough job that the DreamHack agreed to make Shaun the offical caster for DreamHack, only this time he will be casting with the Evil Geniuses player DeMusliM. 

The pair will be casting an event at DreamHack that hasn't been witnessed before, a huge milestone for the history of DreamHack as players such as SlayerS`BoxeR and MC will be attending which brings huge attention to the event, not to mention the other superstar players attending.

It is set to be a great event, with the addition of Ben alongside apollo for casting, there is no denying the excitement surrounding the DreamHack Invitational.

The event will be fully broadcasted in HD, and will begin at 14:45 CET 12th April and can be viewed at

Players Attending:



 Shaun 'Apollo' Clark
 Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker

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