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e-Stars with 16 teams and new sponsorship

e-Stars with 16 teams and new sponsorship

The committee of the Korean tournament has announced that they will have sixteen teams attending, instead of the traditional system with just six teams.

There will be a Korean qualifier, which will have four teams attend the actual tournament. Another three from Asia, six from Europe and two from North America will be selected on fan votes and past achievements. The list of teams will be presented in May, while the votings will run from May 23rd to June 30th.

Besides the change in format, e-Stars will also see an increase in the initially announced prize purse. Thanks to a sponsorship deal with MSI, the tournament will now host €54,000 instead of the initial €47,000. The deal will also see a name change, as the tournament will now be named the e-Stars Seoul 2011 MSI BEAT IT Championship.

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