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DreamHack Summer with 188,000 SEK prize purse

DreamHack Summer with 188,000 SEK prize purse

Besides the details regarding the prize purse, the DreamHack committee have also announced the first five players to attend the tournament, based on performances in previous events. DreamHack Summer will feature a total of 48 players, with seven players joining on performances in other events and the others will be invited by the hosts.

The tournament will take place from 18-20th of June and is played in a BO3, except for the grand final which will be BO5. There will be eight groups, each with six players and the top two of each of these groups will continue to the single elimination playoff stage.

So far, Naama, MC, Socke, White-Ra and Bischu have received the go for attending the tournament, but expect a lot more all-star players to be announced soon, to fight for the huge prize purse. Below is the distribution of it:

1. 100,000SEK (11,171.94€)
2. 50,000SEK (5,585.97€)
3. 25,000SEK (2,792.98€)
4. 13,000SEK (1,452.35€)

The players invited so far, and the invitation structure is as followed:

1. Naama ( DreamHack Winter 2010 Champion)
2. MC ( DreamHack Stockholm Invitational Champion)
3. White-Ra (DreamHack Stockholm Invitational Runner-up)
4. Socke (DreamHack Coin Toss Tournament Champion)
5. Bischu (DreamHack Coin Toss Tournament Runner-up)
6. Winner of DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC Qualifier
7. Runner up at DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC Qualifier
8-10. TBA by DreamHack
11-48. Determined by DreamHack selection

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