Grubby opens up to SteelSeries

Grubby opens up to SteelSeries

Grubby is a man who is seen as a role model to thousands of eSports fans and players across the world. His success in Warcraft 3 is truly admirable, he has been all over the world, competing in the biggest events the eSports world has ever seen. 

Recently, Grubby decided to take the switch from WC3 to Starcraft 2, in which he stayed with his former team Evil Geniuses for a while. Last month, Grubby hit the world with some huge news, that he was leaving EG and heading into a new partnership with SteelSeries. Along with his fiancé Casscandra, who is also a very popular figure in the eSports scene and is also discussed in the interview. 

Since teaming up with SteelSeries, Grubby has started to stream a lot more frequently which has been viewed by thousands of fans from across the world. So far his transfer has been very successful and it seems things will only get better for Grubby and SteelSeries together.

SteelSeries pay great attention to how having Cassandra in his life has changed his career and whether he would still be playing if she wasn't in his life. They also discuss how important his fans are to him and plenty more. 

Make sure to check the interivew over at SteelSeries HERE.

Image courtesy of Steelseries.

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