MSI Beat IT! announce 2nd qualification

MSI Beat IT! announce 2nd qualification

Last month the MSI Beat IT! tournament found their first qualifier, namely the underdogs of MEGAPORT. Overall the first qualification was a huge success with over 6,000 people following the tournament via livestream.

Now it is time to find the second qualificant for the highly esteemed tournament. The second round will be held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, on 11th June and is expected to have thirty registered teams which are fighting for a voucher for a trip to Kiev, where the Grand Final will be held in November.

The organisers invite everyone to visit the MSI Beat IT! qualification. There will be a special area for viewers where you can cheer for your team. For those that can't make it to Krasnoyarsk, gives you the opportunity to follow the whole tournament online.

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