ESL, DH, ESWC change CS map pool

ESL, DH, ESWC change CS map pool

It has been a long time since the biggest event organizers in eSport sat down to create equal rules for all tournaments, but today DreamHack can announce that they, together with ESWC, eStars and ESL, have come to an agreement about a common map pool for all their CS 1.6 tournaments.

Last year DreamHack were the first to start using de_mirage, a modified edition of the old de_cpl_strike map, and today they can announce that mirage - along with de_forge - will be played in the coming season. This bumps the normal map pool up from five to seven maps and consequently forces the top teams to reevaluate their current banning and picking strategies when it comes to maps.

The change will come in effect on all future tournaments in both ESWC, eStars, DreamHack and Intel Extreme Masters tournaments.

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Source: DreamHack

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  • valdstyN valdstyN
    Posted Jul 12, 2011 at 21:33

    that's sure gonna renew interest in spectating..good thing for CS 1.6! :)