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NASL partner with S2 Games

NASL partner with S2 Games

After a very successful first season of Starcraft II, HoN has now been added to the next NASL season to gives the players yet another fantastic tournament to play in. The NASL attracted over 80,000 viewers for the SC2 Finals, which were in America and featured the best players from across the world, including FnaticMSI.SEn.

S2 Games must have been very impressed with the tournament and the effort that was put behind it to make it such a success. At the Finals there was a HoN booth which got people talking about it perhaps being at the next event. These people talking had their reasons to do so and they were correct. S2 Games and NASL very quickly announced the partnership. 

With the big news hitting the HoN scene and NASL followers, ESFI-World caught up with the S2 Games eSports Manager Shashi Singh. He discusses the partnership and future plans for S2 Games.

You have just announced a partnership with NASL as mentioned earlier. Can you tell us a little more about that?

The partnership is one of the many big things we are currently working on. It's the start of some great things. There are other things we are working to finalize right now. In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing a lot of things that will turn a lot of heads. In regards to NASL and what they've done so far with StarCraft 2, I like what they've done with their streams and the goals that they have, and I thought that it really fits into the goals that HoN is striving towards as well. NASL, again, is just one of the things we are working on and it should become a good example of what we are doing to expand the current scene.

 A HoN circuit was announced during E3 that is now in the works. Can you shed some light on that?

That’s one of the big things we are announcing for the scene. NASL is a big partnership but it's just one thing we're working on. The HoN circuit will be one of the bigger announcements that we will be making in the coming weeks or months. I will say that, most of the S2 Games staff have been involved in eSports and the competitive scene as players, managers and media alike, and this circuit is going to do something different...something big for the players...something on a much larger scale with a larger prize pool and one of the biggest in eSports when it's announced. It will be a pleasure for the players to play in and the media, third-party sponsors and partners will have this circuit catered to them especially.

To read the full interview, head over to ESFI-World.

This is great news for the HoN community and MOBA as a whole,  having grown so much recently. This is a sign of great things to come. Stay tuned to as we keep you updated about all information regarding NASL and S2 Games.

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