After a long and busy day, it's time to do a blog before I call it a day and go sleep. First day of Gamers Assembly is over, and so is the group stage (at least of us, while I am writing this, there are still some matches going on in group B and match between Zeal and DoW in our group, winner will advance to playoffs).

(Unicorn Trixiramp?)

Just as you could read in the newspost, there were 7 teams attending the tournament instead of 8 which was planned so we ended up in 3 teams group (including us), while group B holds 4 teams. All tournaments experienced delay and then internet prolems happened what caused some more waiting so the team had to sit in front of the computers and wait for the games to start. They used that time quite well as they practiced and prepared for the tournament games.

Both matches in the group went really well, 2:0'd both opponents and qualified for the semi-finals which will take place tomorrow, according to schedule at 9:30 AM CET. After beating DoW Multigaming in the first match of the day, they came to us and gave us a present, a bottle of champagne, expressing their respect and love for our team. I must admit it was one of the nicest moments at LAN events so far, not because it was a champagne (:P) but because they did it in such a nice manner and it was a cool gesture ;)


Wish us luck, we all hope we wont disappoint you tomorrow!

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  • Exia Exia
    Posted Apr 25, 2011 at 15:05

    gratz on the win hon team well deserved be on the top spot again in rankings beat SK :)