Catching up with dsn at ESWC 2011

Catching up with dsn at ESWC 2011

Former FnaticMSI.CS player Harley "dsn" Örwall caught up with at ESWC 2011 to give his thoughts on the event, FnaticMSI, and what he's been up to after his former progaming days. Here are some of the tidbits we pulled from his interview:

"I'm doing some writing for rakaka and also have a blog in swedish with coca cola. I'm covering ESWC and covering the whole event and new games and everything that's showing here."

When asked about Danish CounterStrike player "Friis" as his replacement:

"I mean he's a super awesome player, I think, really solid AWP'er. Yeah, really good overall player and I thought he was a really good addition. The only thing thing is the language barrier, like, I think he can understand Swedish pretty well, but then again, it's pretty hard for Swedish to understand Danish. I think they managed to work something out by now, but the results here weren't that good for Fnatic. So it's a bit sad for me."

"...They have the right to be upset about the results. I think they shouldn't be happy about it at least. It's really not the Fnatic, that the people used to know back in the days. They're struggling for sure, so I don't know what they will do now, but maybe we will see some changes maybe not. It's up to them to decide. If they still feel they have the drive and the talent and skill to be the top team, I think they will continue, but I don't know. It's been a rough year for sure."

To see the full interview click on the video! Thank you Harley for your continued support of CS and FnaticMSI. We love you

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