ASK FreshPro: The answers!

ASK FreshPro: The answers!

Only a week ago we offered you the change to ask our Heroes of Newerth Star Henrik 'FreshPro' Hansen all the questions you ever wanted to know about him. Here are the answers to your questions!

PedMar: What made you choose HoN over Dota/Dota2 or League of Legends?

I chose HoN over Dota at first which was easy for me, because HoN just seemed to run smoother and it were not limited by a Warcraft 3 engine like Dota was. I tried one game of LoL, that was enough. Two games of Dota2 enough. If the feeling is not there for me, I'd rather stick to what I like.

Phake: Why did you refuse to go on stage at Net Party Fyn to receive your 3rd place prize even though you were right next to the scene.

I'll quote haxxeren on this one " If we dont get 1st place we aint going up there". Basicly the prizes were good last year: 5.000dkr. This years prizes were pure gaming equipment which were not in our plans.
We had a good time though :)

Hujoppa: What is your view on DotA 2?

Probably gonna be a good game, and will be good for esports. But I don't have the time to care about it right now since im playing HoN.

Mickkee: Why are you and people on EU servers so relaxed and US players aren't?

In Europe people aren't really that mad, in America when it comes to competitive HoN they usually are. This I blame on kingraven, his funny and sometimes awesome posts on dotallyrad makes the average American think it's ok to do on a daily basis.
No seriously I have no clue :P

Valdyz: Why aren't you nor any other of your team members streaming HoN?

I myself am limited to bad internet because of where I live, so untill i move or miracle happens I can't stream without it being bad again. Trixi and/or N0tail is streaming our scrims though :)

ehaze: As a FnaticMSI player, do you get free gaming gear/computer since you're a sponsored professional gamer?

I get whats needed to be professional, just like in any other sport :P

DarthBotto: I've seen your teammates play Dota 2 quite a bit and they have done fairly well. Do you see you and your team transitioning to that game?

As everything is right now I'm not going anywhere, neither is my team.

Ruddi: Both you and N0tail streamed a lot over the summer, and your streams was sooooo much better than chu, testie, h4nn1 and whoever is streaming now, but suddenly u both stopped. I know that fnatic made a deal that makes u stream on 0wn3d now, and that u are upgrading ur internet atm. Will u begin stream again and will the stream be same quality as as it was on Really miss you sneaking some fraiche with manly builds and "codex-guy-in-pool" plays.

Ive tried everything I can, and with my internet its just impossible to run a stable stream :( And I really appreciate everyone who watched me cream a fraiche when I was able to, stay strong maybe miracle will happen.

Nazukima: How did you first get approached by FnaticMSI?

I approached the players who played in FnaticMSI back then, and said I could rock their world. Played a few scrims/tour games and deal sealed. I was at least pretty known in the HoN scene, so it was not a "omg whos this guy" type of scenario :P

Kacki: I read on Rexi's blog that they've created a new DotA 2 team with Rexi, Trixi, twiSta, Dement and Wehsing. Can you comment on that?

Sure I can, LOL.

aim4it: Being the best team on lan's , do you solely focus on winning dreamhack or are you guys also working on increasing your victories in online tournamants?

Our main focus is to win the biggest tournaments, wether its lan or online it doesnt matter. Though we do experience a lot of trouble online, most is caused by daily life clashing with hontime and/or bad internet.
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  • aim4it aim4it
    Posted Nov 16, 2011 at 00:23

    yey, he answered my question. GJ and GL with everything fresh

  • Kacki Kacki
    Posted Nov 16, 2011 at 10:18

    Dat answer -_-