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Hey everybody,

Since I am part of the editorial Staff, I spend quite some time on RaidCall.

I see many players idling alone in the rooms. So I thought myself, why shouldn’t we do anything together. Of course it will be difficult to find a game we all prefer because some want to play Starcraft and others want to play League of Legends.

Yet there must be one thing we can all do together. My idea was to host a Music Room on RaidCall.

So when you are bored and don´t know what to do feel free to join our Raidcall group (1337) and enter my Music Room.

Most of the time I am playing electro in the form of House and Drum&Base, but I play some Alternative, Rock and RnB as well. If it is getting really late and especially during the weekends you might be able to chill with some Reggae in the channel. And if you have some good suggestions I would be happy to play them.

Further I have enough time to answer almost any questions you have, regarding our Teams, Fnatic itself or just general chitchat. We might also arrange shows with some of our players to join us. If you like, we can host different evenings with players from our CS, LoL and Dota 2 divisions for the music and perhaps some games.



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