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I arrived at GamesCom Cologne on Thursday about 5 minutes after the game started versus

The plan was to get there at around 12 o´clock but there has been some delay on the train. So I was not able to meet the team before the game. I picked up my press badge at the ESL booth and joined the others to watch the game.

In front of the stage was a huge crowd, so it was almost impossible to get through the corridors.

The atmosphere was really hyped and the fans cheered for their teams.

Our Fnatic players were down by a bit during the early game, but then they started to play their a-game and gained back the lead. You could practically feel the excitement. Further, the Black and Orange players took the first tier 3 turret. Curse was able to defend their inhibitor, but with the second push Fnatic took it down. For the fans it was already GG, although Curse was still fighting.

The fans were cheering and the first reporters entered the stage to catch an interview with some of the players. At this time Curse realised they could not win the first game and called the GG.

The crowed began to split due to the small break between the first and second game. After I reported the result, I left the stage area as well, to get something to drink. The weather outside was quite warm, but inside it was almost unbearably hot within the crowd.

The second game was about to start and this time I had a better position, located right below our team.

In the second game our boys had the lead right from the beginning and played it safe. At almost no point in the game the team was in trouble. The 20 minute mark was the preliminaries. Fnatic took a teamfight without casualties and extended their lead. The fans were on fire now and you could even see the excitement in Harry´s and Patrik´s eyes. A win over Curse in the first round would be really great for the tournament and of course for the self confidence of the players. Curse managed to pull of a small comeback by taking a teamfight and afterwards taking the baron. But Fnatic was unimpressed and pulled of their game. A smart split push forced Curse to let go of their mid tier 3 turret and the inhibitor followed shortly after.

At this point I was almost unable to watch the screen, because all the fans raised their hands and cheered for Fnatic. The hype was unbelievable and when the GG was called, there was no stopping.

Our players were not even able to celebrate their victory over Curse, because everybody wanted to take a picture with their idol, have an autograph or interview one of the players. Cyanide almost spend 40 minutes shaking hands, and answering questions.

Afterwards I briefly talked to Harry and Patrik, but it was so hot inside that I decided to go out and take a walk through the rest of GamesCom with some friends.

I wish our boys good luck in the upcoming games.





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