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My Year in Review

Hey there,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog, and I want to apologize for that. It's time to make a year in review type of post. E-sport changed so much in just 365 days since I joined Fnatic, but there's one thing I genuinely like – it is changing for the better. There's phenomenal growth to be proud of, viewership numbers are going through the roof, and there's no way to slow this thing down. There's no reason to do it either. 

As I said before, it has been a year since I joined Fnatic as Editor-in-Chief. I cannot say I've done the best job out there. I had a vision of how a team site should look like. Some of this vision was made into reality, but there's a long way to go still. Fortunately, there's a new website coming up VERY soon. Trust me, it is less than two weeks away from release. I am confident that we'll be able to close down the gaps we currently have with this upgrade.

I still believe a team's homepage should be 100% concentrated on the team's performance. I see no point of covering what other teams are doing, there are far better websites that people go to/like out there. Take SC2, for example. You will still check TeamLiquid to learn all those latest SC2 rumors and results. Why should Fnatic cover any of that? We will report about a new patch, hopefully, with one of our players giving his opinion on that. We will bring out more features, media and other high-quality content. My goal is to make the best place to come and learn more about your favorite team. Me and other Editors will work hard to make this come true. 

As I said before, e-sport is changing. Counter-Strike seems to be losing its grip together with an overall decline of FPS genre, but we will continue supporting our CS and ShootMania teams. We're confident it will not take long for them to reach top positions in their games of choice. It is all about moba games these days, and I'm extremely happy that all of our teams are finishing this year on a high note. Just look at the progress League of Legends, Dota 2 EU and US have made. Each one of them is doing a terrific job of bringing Fnatic brand into the World. We've had success with StarCraft II: first international team to open a gaming house in Korea, aLive's IPL4 victory, Oz's solid performance at every MLG he attended, NightEnD being one of the best players in Europe, Harstem's incredible run from the Academy to going pro, and so on. We're in a great spot to be. There were a couple of sad stories too, such as LaMia's and cArn's retirement, and all those other talented players leaving Fnatic to pursue new goals, but that is just how life goes, you cannot do anything about it. 

I, personally, had a fantastic year. With newfound love for outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle,  I'm in the best shape ever. Professionally, physically and mentally. I don't drink or smoke. I do regular jogging (fetching 10km every other day), MTB and Yoga. Let me tell you, it feels great! Memorable moments? I would list these in no particular order: Yacht Week in Croatia, all those mountainbike marathons that I did, first ever 10 kilometers run of my life, doing 3km in less than 12 minutes (passing Cooper's test), Dreamhack Bucharest afterparty, Dreamhack Winter/Summer (spending time with Fnatic family), Borderlands 2.  

I love traveling, it is one of the reasons why e-sport suits me so much. And I'm a sucker for stats. This year I've had 50 flights, covering over 74,000 kilometers. I've spent 4,5 days in the air (107 hours). This brings my total stats from 2009 up to today to: 141 flights, 290,000 kilometers, 17 days (404 hours). This distance is long enough to cruise around the Earth 7 times and I'm 1/4 away from reaching the Moon. I've been to 26 countries, 44 airports and infinite amount of positive emotions flowing through my veins. In 12 hours,  I will be leaving Kiev for one ultimate journey: Uzbekistan, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I will spend almost 20 days exploring these incredible countries, their cultures and have one breathtaking adventure that will involve rafting, spending 3 nights in the jungle of Laos, and more. Hopefully, I will survive this and be able to post photos. This will also mark the first time in my adult life when I will spend 20 days without my laptop. Yes, I'm that giant nerd. But hey, I will have my iPad Mini with me, so I'm not cut out from civilisation completely. Yet.

Finally, I would like to thank all those delightful people who are working at Fnatic: Sam, Anne, Danijel, Patrik, Elroy, Neil, Matt (I just hope you will be back one day), Nachiket, Andreja, Robert, Harry, Corin, Dominik, Bob, Lukas, Tomek, Nicolas, Janine, Jim, Dmitriy, Valentin and others. I should not forget the players, but there are just too many of them to mention. I wish you all (both people listed above and those reading this blog entry) all the best in 2013, make wondrous new year's resolutions and have fun fulfilling them in the next 365 days.

Do svidaniya,

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  • Vuggo Vuggo
    Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 00:07

    We are all very happy to have you on board the Fnatic ship. Make sure to get back in one piece, yet with many cool memories and new friends!

  • Triple_M Triple_M
    Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 00:56

    Very nice blog and I hope the best for Fnatic and yourself in 2013 :D

  • ANdre_ ANdre_
    Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 04:18

    can't wait to see those pictures from Asia! i agree with Patrik, we really are happy to have you here! And that Bucharest afterparty really was something :D

    have a safe flight and enjoy!!!

  • Met-N Met-N
    Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 22:19

    Obviously wasnt present enough to make it to the list of delightful people you work with;p

    kidding, sounds cool! You should keep us posted more about your 2013 stuff!

  • Inz Inz
    Posted Dec 28, 2012 at 13:07

    Enjoy the jungle man, try to come back in one piece!