Smurf: February blog

So! It's been a long month, I haven’t written another blog or you guys haven’t seen one because my January blog got lost in the process of changing the site from old to new. The new one is obviously better and my blog was a sacrifice for such an upgrade.

Haha, but seriously it got lost in the mix. That blog was basically just telling everyone what had happened with the team, and that it was going to be reformed around me which everyone knows now. So it is convnient not having to type another four paragraphs on it, since everone knows most of the information. I'll miss the old squad, whitebeard, tabako, rolo,and durp. I hope whatever they do in the future is ownage and that they get the best out of life and their gaming careers!

So since I've been looking around for about a month now, finally I think I've found a good squad that could uphold Fnatic. Of course nothing is official as of yet, and there could be changes but right now, but it's looking promising! We just qualified for the WePlay tourney where our brother team FNATIC.EU was already invited along big names like TL, EG and Na'Vi. Hopefully with all the practice we’re getting, which is almost every day at 12 est for about 4 hours, we can give them a run for the money!

The players I'm playing with right now are: my old friend Hannah_montana who was on ex-coL, someone who wants to get back on the top of Dota like he was during the time with the cheatcode FLUFF on FIRE. f4l who I thought was just a troll at first but he has shown a lot of dedication towards the team (he writes our strats on sticky pads). mojo which is a tremendously skilled player. All he lacks, is his vocal activity, but every day that’s getting a lot better. And lastly mr.boogaloo, a player that is the one that needs to prove himself the most, and threw thick practice, and these tournies coming up, it's going very well for him. That’s just a quick summary on the guys I've been playing with so you guys know who they are! They are all awesome guys and I hope the future works well so they can be a part of the family!

The goals so far I've set for us, is to just train hard and give the Top 3 (EG, TL, Dignitas) good games. I can't wish for anything more than that right now, and I just want that goal to succeed first. Once that’s done we can start thinking for the bigger tournaments! 

As for me myself, I haven’t been streaming much lately because before I was always waking up later to scrim in the night time, and then I would stream at the later hours. Now I'm waking up at 10 am every morning to watch a replay or 2 of some good games and then get ready for some scrims. After we scrim from 12-5 I get ready for work from 6-12, by the time I get home I only have enough focus to play 1, maybe 2 pubs. And even though I feel like that’s letting down my few viewers I'll try to find a way to please you guys! Just don’t give up on lil' ol 'me!! Haha.

That’s about it for my little rant! Follow me and Fnatic on all our twitters and stuff and a big shoutout to the EU squad for holding the torch in Europe at the moment! Cheering you boys on along side everyone else!!!

Until next blog! See you!

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  • Noname Noname
    Posted Feb 25, 2013 at 15:40

    Thanks for the update Smurf, we've had some rough times lately, let's look forward to the new future with renewed hope.

  • Rolo Rolo
    Posted Feb 26, 2013 at 10:51

    best of luck to your team smurf, glad you're still making blogs and still have your enthusiasm!

  • brkcitizen brkcitizen
    Posted May 01, 2013 at 13:23

    Hi Smurf, I have a tournament item (Jugg's NO-guard), you making ultrakill :)
    If you are interested contact me plz, I'm uVe

  • R4NZ R4NZ
    Posted May 15, 2013 at 06:03

    Please invite me to be in the Fnatic.NA group. I am very good.