Fnatic CGO interviewed by ESFI World

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"we hope to be able to reach out more in the community and create interesting content with utilizing our athletes"

Most people were confused about the switch of focus in Fnatic for 2013. Although cArn did go into a lot of detail during the announcement of aLive and Oz leaving the Fnatic squad, he also did an interview with ESFI World where he goes even further in discussing the new vision for 2013. Not only does he talk about Fnatic's stint in Korea but he also shares his views on how eSports will be in the coming years. The interview is still mostly focused on StarCraft II though. 

How does Fnatic look moving into 2013 and where do you see the future when it comes to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm?

I’m confident that 2013 will be another record-breaking year for e-sports, as well as a great year for Fnatic. We have great talents across our divisions and it will be exciting to follow our teams and players throughout the year.

You recently said that, “Our aim for 2013 has been to refocus our efforts on our European expansion plans.” What will Fnatic do differently now that your main focus will be in Europe?

First of all, our current divisions are receiving greater support, and this can include everything from increased salaries, improved practice facilities and more chances to prove themselves at LAN events

The full interview can be found on ESFI World.

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