Fnatic 06-10 tops CS Prize Money List

With Counter Strike 1.6 now gone from the scene, it's fun to look back and see: Who really won the most? Now you could do it a number of ways and this way is by no means the only way to determine who was the best of the best but it gives us a rough idea of who stayed at a high level for a long time. In Thorin's article he goes through the top 35 trios (3 man units) in CS 1.6.

Coming in at number 1 was the legendary trio: f0rest, cArn and dsn. With a whopping $674,008 won between them, there's no doubt that during their time at Fnatic the three of them put in work all over the world. All three have been inducted into the Fnatic Hall of Fame! 

Here's what Thorin had to say about them: "When it comes to prize money this trio is far and away the most successful of all time. Not only did their span of time competing together cover the years with the most international tournaments (2006-2010) but their famously strong teamplay-orientated approach to the game, and to some degree their recruitment of new players, ensured Fnatic very rarely bombed out of tournaments. If they didn't win a tournament they would so often still place somewhere on the podium or in the money. That approach to CS didn't yield as many major titles as the likes of the Poles or Na`Vi, but it was without a doubt the best approach to racking up prize money."

The rest of the top 10 as well as the other 15 teams can be found over on Fragbite

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