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Fnatic [POD]Cast Show - Episode 1

The [POD]cast is the new FPS oriented show, where our CGO Patrik 'cArn' Sattermon along side Thorin and Lurppis host a number of personalities from around the FPS world. The first episode aired a few days ago with the trio touching on some hot topics within the FPS world. 

In this pilot episode of [POD]cast cArn, Lurppis and Thorin brought up recent topics and shared their personal viewson a number of subjects, giving the viewers a unique insight to the professional Counter-Strike scene. Here is the list of topic they went through:

  • - Who will de-throne NiP?
  • - Future of ESC Gaming and Na`Vi
  • - CS:GO game play differences to CS 1.6
  • - Roles in CS:GO compared to CS 1.6
  • - Best CS:GO sniper- In-game leadership

The show will be hosted once per week. We will announce the exact time of the next episode beforehand, and you can check our website for more information leading up to the next show. In case you have missed the first episode you can check out the video above. The show can also be downloaded in the MP3 format as well as streamed on a cellphone, and the link for it can be found right here.

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