VOD: [POD]cast, Episode 4

This week the guys spoke about the recent player bans and the Techlabs cup. They panel also went into depth on why we don't see many new maps making it in the professional Counter-Strike scene.

Last week cArn, Thorin and Lurppis discussed how Counter-Strike tactics evolved throughout the years and highlighted the strategical differences in CSGO from 1.6. The panel members also listed their wishlist for retired professional to unretire.

The show will be hosted once per week. We will announce the exact time of the next episode beforehand, and you can check our website for more information leading up to the next show. In case you have missed the first episode you can check out the link above. The show can also be downloaded in the MP3 format as well as streamed on a cellphone, and the link for it can be found right here.

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