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The past few weeks have been very busy me. I’ll try to share the story of my amazing journey in Germany as best as I can. 

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My trip started in the Netherlands, I left the 4th of march for Hannover. I left at around 9 o'clock in the morning and arrived at 17:00 to Cebit's Hall 23. Hall 23 is where magic happens. It was the location of the Intel Extreme Master World Championship, where I had been invited by ESL to do the analysis for the StarCraft 2 Tournament. I gladly accepted their offer and, well, there I was. 

On the day I arrived I met up with the casters and the observer. My co-analysts were at their houses already, so I didn’t stay very long the first day. In the evening one of the ESL guys dropped me off at my house where I met up with QXC. I haven't seen him for more than a year so we used the first few minutes to catch up and cry about the current state of balance. We watched some MLG winter showdowns on QXC’s laptop and went to bed a bit later than we wanted to.

Next day we had to get up early to set up and rehearse. Everything went fine and we started our first match. I felt a little bit nervous because I had never done such thing before, but I felt like I did quite well. The matches were over pretty quick and I felt happy about how the first day went. I didn’t make any big screw-ups and we managed our time pretty well. We still had tons to improve but it felt like the three of us (Qxc, Jorosar and me) could get along well and I think that helped us to be honest with each other. We spoke about the things we could have improved and went to rest.

Nothing really huge happened in the next two days so I am not going to go into it that much. It just was a lot of fun, but actually pretty tiring as well. I don’t think I've ever been as tired as I was when the event closed at 18:00. All I really wanted was to go home and sleep.

All days in general felt the same, that might have been the part that I disliked the most. It felt more like working than playing an event. Normally when you are done playing a bo3, you at least have some time to talk to teammates, friends, manager and fans. If you are backstage however and have 10~minute breaks every now and then, you don’t really get to see other people as much as you would like. I really enjoyed being with the casters and the analyst guys but being in the same room with the same 6 guys for 5 days in a row can feel a bit repetitive.

The last day (Saturday) was probably my favorite, it started with me being a background dancer in Jarett Cale’s bad romance performance. After that we got to analyze the games of the best players in the world as it was Grand Finals day. I felt really hyped for the finals and I enjoyed them a ton, it was a bit sad that Yoda took it 4-0, but he just looked a lot stronger than First in the series so it was a deserved win!

After this I went to eat with the Rakaka guys and went to bed, as I had a long day ahead of me the next day.

The day after Intel Extreme masters I took the train to monchi’s place, I arrived at four and we went to Take’s place an hour later. I set up my stuff and played some ladder and campaign. Monchi and I started the campaign at the exact same time, sadly he was able to finish the campaign two days earlier... spoiling the complete story for me. Thanks.

The next few days we played campaign and practiced for the upcoming tournament. The tournament started on Friday and the finals were on Saturday. My group consisted of Heromarine, Hasu, SaltTheWound, Hanfy and Grubby. 

First match was against Hasu and in my mind that was going to be the hardest match of all. Hasu has been one of the guys that was top 20 GM even after the Koreans started playing HotS. You could say I was pretty surprised when I beat him 2-0. After this I naturally felt really confident and that probably was my downfall, I lost 2-0 to hanfy in complete stomps, then I went on to lose 2-1 to salt the wound. The one game I won against Salt was completely undeserved as well, so it didn’t go as expected. The deciding series for me was going to be against Grubby. My fellow citizen had a horrible run in the tournament going 0-3 in best-of-3’s, so I felt like I was able to take him. Game 1 became one of the most awesome PvP’s I played in HotS so far, storm drops, tempest wars, zealot run by’s and lots of cannons. I came out ahead after 50 minutes of epicness and it felt pretty damn good. Sadly a BO3 consists of more than 1 game. Game 2 looked pretty similar to the first game until the 20 minute mark, where Grubby decided it was time for me to die, and so I did. Game 3 was extremely similar to game 1 in length and in epicness; unfortunately this time the outcome was different as Grubby managed to take the game and the series. Getting 1-3 in the group meant I was out. I stayed at Take’s place and enjoyed myself quite a bit as I was located in Homecraft... which we all know means Starcraft, beer, and lots of friendly people

I will also post some photos from Take's house during the event.

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Panzer General showing his skill per action.

Monchi doing what he does best: eating.

Targantius sitting, chilling, owning. Standard Targa really.

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