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Naama Blog: Heart of The Swarm & More

Hello guys, It's been a long time since I've written a blog but right now it felt like a good time!
The past couple of months I've been extremely busy with School and working hard to get better at Heart of the Swarm. Away from the game I've been focusing on going to the gym as much as possible and since it's Winter I've been playing a lot of Ice Hockey. 

Heart of the Swarm has been fun so far, it brings back good memories of starting Wings of Liberty for the first time. Everything has that new and amazing feel to it and it's been a blast playing and trying new things out. Overall I think the game has been a huge success already, I've been enjoying everything about it and struggle to find anything that I dislike. 

Terran isn't that much different from Wings of Liberty but the new units have opened up a lot of new strategies. I feel like the Terran units are made for me because they fit my style of play so well. My favourite unit so far has to be the Hellbat, it actually allows Terran play mech against Protoss because they soak up so much damage from the Immortals and Zealots. Blizzard have done a great job balancing the game, I haven't seen anything majorly imbalanced yet but with the meta game constantly evolving it would be difficult to complain about anything just yet. However I do feel Terran is doing much better now in Heart of the Swarm than it did in late Wings of Liberty.

We've also added a few new players in Fnatic, they're all really young and talented except SaSe who's not that young in eSport but he's also really good! I haven't yet spoken to the new guys that much but they've all been really awesome and I'm sure they're nice guys. 

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