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A Dark Day for the Competitive Scene

It is one of the worst things any competitive scene can witness: RoX.KIS was banned from all StarLadder Tournaments due to the fact that one of their players manipulated the game on purpose to win a money bet. 

The Organisers of the StarLadder found out about these bets and punished the involved players. A life-time ban and three year bans were imposed. (Investigations are still ongoing)

Competitive distortion is a problem in many Sports. Often referees manipulate the game, but also players, as we were able to observe in the Italian Soccer League recently. It is really difficult to find propper evidence for this, as everybody can have a bad day.
This makes the act of the Russian players even worse. The boldness how they pulled off, the idea brings competitive distortion to another level. For those of you who haven't seen the game, Solo was obviously feeding on purpose, with three of his team-mates knowing what was going on. Players who have been in the Scene for such a long time, such as Dread. It is sad to see that such known players, are not only passivly involved in the manipulation of the game, but activly hid it from the admins.

The game itself didn't change the outcome of the StarLadder in any way, but this is no reason to lose a game on purpose to win a bet. Naturally, teams don't take such games as serious as others, and it is ok, if they try out a "special" strategy. I perfectly understand the reaction of the Tournament Organisers, banning the players and the team from the StarLadder. Although, from my point of view the ban from StarLadder is not enough. The Organisers of Tournaments and of course Sponsors have to state an example and punish the missbehaviour of the players as strict as possible. Otherwise we soon have the same problem as in for example Football. Players simply leaving the league they were banned from, transfering to another region where they are not banned from anything, and keep on earning a lot of money.

As joinDota already pointed out, they are supporting the decision of StarLadder and are considering to ban RoX.KiS and the involved players from all competitions organised by joinDota. Probably the discussions about this will take some time, and even if RoX.KiS is a team which brings a lot of viewers, the decision should not be based on Marketing aspects. Not banning them from all tournaments, would show that such popular and known teams can lead the Organisers, Sponsors and other Teams around by their nose.
If we don't clarify the balance of power now, after a few more missbehaviours, players realise they can get away with it.

From there on it will be very difficult to maintain a professional environment and we can't let this happen again.

(This is my personal opinion on this, and does not reflect the one of Fnatic. Further, RoX.KiS claims to be innocent and it has to be investigated to say that they manipulated the game on purpose.)

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