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My Video X Games Experience

I think I performed well. I wish I had broken top 16 in SF4AE or won Mortal Kombat but I can’t win them all. Especially given the circumstances I just started back playing SF and my situation in MK is really tough as it's hard to get practice in the game. After VxG I am not sure how it will do in tournaments but I won’t be playing it much or at all anymore.  I would love to continue playing the game though I don’t like when games fade out. I know a new update would definitely breathe life into the game. Either that or a MK10 reveal or something.
For the future, my main game will be Injustice and I will be practicing SF and Marvel a lot! At VxG I won Injustice and it felt great because it was the game I wanted to win the most. I ended up having to beat the current Evolution World Champ KDZaster and Chris G to take the Gold at VxG and I did just that. Both great competitors and I look forward to playing both of them again.

Going into the winners bracket, losers bracket, and grand finals I was extremely confident in my game plan. When I played Chris I felt Batman had a rough time against Green Arrow cause of his fire arrows but I wasn’t sure if Chris was aware of that so I played accordingly. I missed some combos here and there but I had control of the match for the most part. However he wised up and began to use fire arrows and Batman is pretty much a sitting duck to that. I knew it was over and I would be sent to the losers bracket to face off against KDZ. Against KDZ I was extremely confident because I had beaten him at CEO and on top of that I have been putting a lot more time into Batman to make sure I was on point. I also love the Superman match up with Batman so you could say I was very comfortable.

The score between me and KDZ was 2-1 and I felt I won very convincingly. Superman’s damage is definitely a huge factor in that match up. He really only has to hit me once while I am in the corner and I lose 70% however Batman controls a big amount of the match with how solid his zoning is to deal with Superman’s ground game and lasers.

I met Chris G in the Grand Finals and I had been working on the Green Arrow and Black Adam match up as Doomsday a lot, so if he were to switch from Arrow to Adam I would be ready. I felt my strategy against Arrow as Doomsday was perfect as I can interrupt his main source of offense which is d1~arrow. Most characters in the game cannot do this however Doomsday’s d1 has a lot of range to where it will reach and interrupt Arrow. This was a big factor in our match as Chris couldn't get any offense going and I was in full control of the match. The final score was 3-1, 3-0. I had to reset the bracket as I was coming from the losers bracket since Chris had initially put me there. 

I want to say my win doesn't take away from any achievements of my opponents. They are great players in their own right and I look forward to facing off against them in future events.

Overall, VxG was an amazing event and my only regret is that I am back home. I look forward to VxG 2014 and cannot wait to face more strong competitors.

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    Great blog!

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