Mellisan interviewed by Team Dignitas

Mellisan interviewed by Team Dignitas

Peter likes to keep to himself, so having an interview with him reveals a lot of vital information people would perhaps like to have about one of the worlds best Support players in League of Legends. He has been playing the game since 2009 and is a part of the most successful LoL team in the world, FnaticRaidCall. His words of wisdom can help any support player wanting to make it to the top, so take a close read and enjoy Leonardo Espada's interview.

Mellisan with the guys at IEM: Gamescom

Extract from Team Dignitas:

Peter "Mellisan" Meisrimel is the current Fnatic's support on League of Legends. In this interview he will answer some questions about how he got introduced to League of Legends, to Fnatic and talk about the game giving some tips on how to play support as well. He plays since December of 2009 so as you can see he is very experienced in this game, so sit, read and enjoy!

Talking about yourself playing alone, what do you think of Solo Queue? Is it balanced and reveals the quality of a player or is it just a number?

Mellisan: It can’t really be balanced, but it balances out over the amount of games, so it tells something about the player after all. But I wouldn’t put too much weight on a player’s ELO, as it's not important anyways if you have a team to play with.

What advice would you give to our readers that like playing support but still have difficulties with its mechanisms?

Mellisan: Learn to play AD first. You can't play a proper support if you don't fully understand the champions you are supposed to be supporting. Also it's easier to gain ELO with playing AD, with that you’ll get a better view on what a support should be doing for you and you might also learn from other supports.


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