Pro Patch Review with Fly

Pro Patch Review with Fly

Whenever Tal "Fly" Aizik discusses a patch or gives his general insight into Heroes of Newerth, a lot of people listen and his opinion is always appreciated and recognized. GameReplays question S2's choices with Fly and some very well structured answers were given. 

It's always interesting to get a captain's insight into a new patch or to discuss the current meta-game, so take notes and enjoy Fly's intelligent insight into patch 2.5.12 of Heroes of Newerth.

Danelaan : Let’s start with the change made to Split Attacks, through Savage Mace and Brutalizer: in the past weeks, Forsaken Archer, following the change to her ultimate and to her passive, has been picked-up a lot by the competitive players. Do you think that the Split Attacks made these items too powerful for her? Is the nerf only directed to her or does it affect another hero?

Fly: I can’t say I really agree with the nerf, as it also affect's heroes such as Valkyrie and in general range carries which are not that popular at the moment. As for Forsaken Archer being picked up a lot, it's basically because she is a powerful laner (with another ranged such as Glacius or Monarch it's really scary to send a melee versus that) and can farm well, carry well, and push. Her ultimate is also powerful early on. The nerf is not that big to really make a change in terms of drafting heroes though, as usually people would go Shieldbreaker over Savage Mace anyway.


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