My Trip to Louisiana and More

I just finished the last of my finals and was ready to go to Lake Charles. Little did I know, it was going to be a very miserable drive from Austin to Lake Charles. There were tons of traffic and the pouring rain did not help a bit. After 6 hours of driving, I finally arrived at the hotel, physically and mentally exhausted, all I wanted to do was sleep. To my surprise I was met with a very nice welcome basket containing all sorts of snacks and brochures regarding everything in Louisiana.  I was able to meet up with my ex-teammate Harry “Massan” Cheong and caught up briefly before passing out in preparation for the next day.

I woke up early in the morning to Massan’s epic door knocking skills. At first I was extremely angry at the world for being forcefully pulled out of my bed but was quickly neutralized by the awake-ness of everyone else from IvD. We arrived at the venue soon after. The only word I can use to describe a Toyota dealership venue was “cool”. Everything was so laid back and we were treated like VIP’s. Free food and water all day. Believe me when I say this, in Louisiana food is no joke when it comes to deliciousness.

The actual competition was well run for the most part. The only problem was stream down time which in turn means that we, as players, have to sit around for quite a long time without doing much.

My match vs ROOTSasquatch proved to be one of the most interesting match ups I had in Louisiana. Being historically able to beat Sasquatch consistently in tournaments, I had a great feeling going into this match up - it was my best and favorite match up in Wings of Liberty. The first map was Derelict Watcher, when we first began; it was just a normal map with nothing different. I proceed to do an all-in off of 1 base as my natural was blocked by a hatch first. As we were fighting, I noticed that his defensive spine crawler was attacking my units outside of its supposable range. This caused us to re-host the same game and ended up costing me as Derelict Watcher is notoriously known for unfavorable Protoss conditions.  After being down 1-0 I decided to mix things up. In the second game I played very aggressive and my unorthodox play won me game 2. After a sigh of relief, in the 3rd and last game, I decided to do the cheesiest play possible, straight up macro, leading me to an easy 2-1 victory.

Playing vs QXC from Complexity was one of the hardest mental blocks for me in this tournament as I am generally weak against Terran and have been doing poorly versing QXC in particular at tournaments. Having being on the main stage and a new computer, I was both nervous and not warmed up with the new setup during first game. After a few minutes of playing in the game, I noticed my computer response time was very laggy, which caused my oracle and probes died one after another. After the first game of losing mostly to FPS lag, my mentality going into the second game was still quite up to par for the most part. With no lag at all in the second game, my standard opening and a weird timing scout from QXC led me to believe that he was going to proxy buildings around my base, as I generally play the no-scouting game against Terran. Little did I know the unluckiest thing could’ve happened. As 3 marines and a widow mine walked into my base when both my Mothership core and stalker were out on the map scouting for the proxy buildings. An early game lead for QXC ultimately made me tap out after putting up a hell of a fight.

I ended the day with 8th place in the tournament after falling to QXC 2-0. Although I was a little upset at my result, I was glad that one of my friends could carry my will to the finals of this tournament. 

Overall I had an amazing time in Louisiana. It was an awesome experience and we were treated like royalty. I'm very grateful for all that Lake Charles eSports has done, and extremely happy that Fnatic was able to send me to such an incredible event. 

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