Final Qualifier for the MSI NVIDIA Trophy

Final Qualifier for the MSI NVIDIA Trophy

The past week has been chocked full of intense competition as Europe's best League Of Legends team's have been battling it out to earn their spot at the grand finals of MSI NVIDIA Trophy. A number of teams qualified through alternative factors; however, many of Europe's top teams still needed to qualify for the grand finals, which will take place at Gamers Assembly in France at the beginning of April. Four qualifiers was just the ticket those teams needed - and one week later, we have six new teams qualified for the grand finals.

That leaves us with one more qualifier to go. Teams will have to step up their game if they want to earn one of the last two spots earning them a seat at Gamers Assembly in April.

Yesterday marked the conclusion of Qualifier #3 where we saw the likes of Moscow 5, Millenium, TCM and many more struggling to get a top-two finish. There was one team in particular that caught us off guard, which was "Teamless". Relatively unknown to the professional eSports scene, Teamless, tore through the competition beating favorites, TCM and Moscow 5 in order to make it to the grand finals where they took down Millenium 2-1. That leaves Teamless with an extra $500, their registration fees paid and of course a spot at the grand finals in April.

Following them to the grand finals is obviously Millenium who took second place this qualifier. The full bracket can be seen here.


Eight spots reserved for world-class pro teams
1. Online Qualifier #1 - Absolute Legends (1st place)
2. Online Qualifier #1 - Natus Vincere (2nd place)
3. Online Qualifier #2 - (1st place)
4. Online Qualifier #2 - Moscow 5 (3rd place)
5. Online Qualifier #3 - Teamless (1st place)
6. Online Qualifier #3 - Millenium (2nd place)
7. MSI NVIDIA Trophy: 4th Online Qualifier, 1st place
8. MSI NVIDIA Trophy: 4th Online Qualifier, 2nd place
10. Heroes
11. Imma Firin Mah Lazor
12. Nul à Chier
13. Les Gaulois
14. *aAa*
15. Art Chaos
16. Overmind
17. Ninga
18. eXtensive! LoL
19. Taupes Hello
20. SurrendAt20
21. PLAN-Rnar
22. Team Sypher
23. TBD

Qualifier #4 is the last chance for teams, so make sure if you want to participate in the grand finals that you signup and participate in the fourth and final qualifier on March 17th.

Qualifier #4 Details

Registration: SIGN UP
Date:  March 3 (14:00 GMT) to March 4 (21:00 GMT)
Check-in:  March 3 (14:00 GMT) to (14:30 GMT)
Contact: #gamers-assembly IRC channel
Head Admin:  zeurayne
Referees:  zephirmir, nael, lex, atcha

We would like to wish everyone good luck in the next qualifier, make sure you all stay tuned to the MSI Gaming Portal for more information and updates regarding the MSI NVIDIA Trophy!

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