H4nn1 and Fnatic part ways

It’s been an amazing ride. Kai officially joined us in April 2012, during which time he, alongside with Era, Trixi, Fly and N0tail, became a part of history and one of the longest-lasting teams in Dota 2. But as we’re getting older, the times change and so does Dota. It requires new ideas, new play styles and new people, which is why we have decided to say goodbye to a player who has been with us on a journey that began almost 3 years ago!

All we’re left with is to wish Kai the best of luck from all of us at Fnatic in his future endeavours as we look forward to matching up against him on the mid lane soon! 

Kai "H4nn1" Hanbueckers, Former Fnatic Dota 2:

I have spent a very long and meaningful time of my DotA and HoN career in Fnatic. From today onwards I will no longer be a part Fnatic. I will continue to play DotA 2 and hopefully find a new home soon. Shoutout to my old teammates Era, N0tail, Fly and Trixi. Never go full.

Sahil "Svante" Deva, Fnatic Dota 2 Manager:

The past few months have seen a lot of changes for Fnatic’s Dota 2 division. We have tested new players and team compositions as we attempted to find our place in today’s thriving and exciting Dota 2 scene. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing and talented players along the way. However, any successful team is made up of much more than individual talent and so we continue to search for not only astounding players but five people who together create a comfortable and exciting atmosphere. For us, it has always been important to support as well as attempt to cultivate a group of players that together form a winning team, and sometimes this process takes longer than one would expect.

However, we are confident that not only are we soon to find a team that shows the type of high skill level and impressive plays that you, our fans, are used to from Fnatic, but also one that we can form a strong and long-lasting relationship with. We look to develop together with a team comprised of individuals who are all as dedicated and talented as required to reach the top ranks of their game of choice. Our Dota 2 squad is now and has always been one of Fnatic’s top priorities. Therefore, we’d like to let all of our amazing supporters as well as everyone interested in Dota 2 to bare with us for a little while longer and expect us to break into the scene with full force when the time is right.

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  • codename47 codename47
    Posted Dec 02, 2014 at 17:03

    You were the reason I m a Fnatic fan for 2 years now.. I was heartbroken when Era, Notail, Fly and Trixi left, but still continued to cheer for Fnatic and still had high hopes and dreams for the team, always because of you, my favorite dota2 player. What am I supposed to do now? :( I hope you find yourself a good team with players that are worthy to be team mates with you. Best of luck!!