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LCS Week 6: Preview (G2 & Splyce)

The final countdown for the Spring Split has officially begun. Teams have been growing throughout the season and now is everyone’s chance to get in those important victories to secure their spot in playoffs. As of now there are two teams pulling ahead of the pack, H2K and G2, but Team Vitality and Unicorns of Love are right behind them. Fnatic currently sits alone in fifth place with 6W-4L. We’re not quite out of the race though, the top four teams are neck and neck, Vitality and the Unicorns are only one win ahead of us. Each of our final matches this season become increasingly important.

Not only are we hoping for playoff glory but we want the best possible seed. I won’t lie, this week won’t be our easiest. We take on G2 Esports Thursday, a team that was exceeded all expectations to become the first place team. Our Friday match should be significantly easier as we take on Spylce, a 3-7 team who sits at the bottom of the standings. Fnatic looks to be victorious in Week 6 of the European LCS!

Last week started out well for Fnatic. We rolled out the welcome carpet for our new support, Klaj. Our rookie took first blood which was the start of the team taking the win against Elements. Klaj showed synergy with both his lane partner and Spirit in the jungle which was impressive for them playing such a short time together as a team. His first match wasn’t against the most difficult opponent but it was impressive to see. The team took a clean victory with Febiven putting up a 7-0-5 score on Ahri.

The image; drag and drop it here

Was anyone not racked with nerves during our match against Unicorns of Love? This game was long (57 minutes to be exactly) fought and ultimately didn’t go in our favor but the boys played from behind and really held their own against the Unicorns. When the gold lead starts getting bigger it’s easy to just huddle around turrets and give up but Fnatic kept fighting, as we expected, and tried to find opportune skirmishes. We might not have come home with the win but we did learn a valuable lesson.

If you had asked anyone at the beginning of the split who they thought the top teams would be G2 might not have been at the top of your lost. This team truly has exceeded expectations and become one of highest performing teams this split. Last week G2 proved they can be taken down though, this time by Vitality. Many criticize this new team for weak draft so this one could come down to a battle of the coaches. Delior is extremely important in that regard so if we out-draft we will have a better composition. We all know it’s not just about who you pick, it’s about how you play them so this is a match we really have to focus on. Much of G2’s success comes from their mid laner, Perkz. We just so happen to have an excellent mid laner on our team as well. We’ll have to control the mid lane and make sure Febiven can get those important picks on Perkz to keep him down. This game we’ll be looking at Gamsu versus Kikis for our matchup of the week. During G2’s game against H2k, Kikis went 9-1-9 on Malphite, destroying Odoamne’s Quinn. This will be a big test for Gamsu, but we know he can keep his cool and control his lane against this powerhouse! 

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Splyce is ranked the best of the worst LCS teams right now. They’re not in a battle for ninth and tenth place like Roccat and Giants but they’re sitting alone in eighth. Spylce will be searching for blood this week, trying to get a few victories to stay out of relegation territory. Last week they won against Giants but suffered a hard blow losing to the struggling Origen lineup. This week they take on Roccat, a win they have to take in order to keep their position. It’s a victory they could easily take but to take Fnatic down is a different beast entirely. It’s unlikely to happen but we can’t be too confident, a controlled and clean game is going to be the best strategy during this matchup. We want to avoid little mistakes that could cost us the game.

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  • Ultearov Ultearov
    Posted Feb 17, 2016 at 21:17

    I might be wrong, but "Deilor" seems misspelled in paragraph 4.
    "Delior is extremely important in that regard so if we out-draft we will have a better composition. "
    Sorry for being so picky.
    Good luck Fnatic! We believe in you all!