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LCS Week 7: Preview (H2K & Roccat)

It’s safe to say Week 6 was surprising for many reasons. Fnatic had some highs and lows most fans weren’t expecting. We came out as the underdogs in our Day 1 match against G2 eSports and managed to take home an unexpected win. It was a huge moment for the team who showed unwavering determination during the game and a fought victory. With that major victory under their belts, many expected Fnatic to breeze by Splyce and take them down. We all know even the best laid plans can sometimes go off the rails and the boys faced a heartbreaking defeat.

There’s always room for reflection and improvement and Fnatic has done just that. What’s important is that we still maintained our position in the middle of the table with room to climb a few more spots in these final weeks. The pressure is on in Week 7 as the split officially winds down and Fnatic want to make sure they’re secure in their playoff position.

Holy comeback, Fnatic! Our game against G2 eSports was truly a lesson in how to play from behind to take the game. The early game went horribly wrong, to the point where it looked like there was no way we could win. Febiven was in control of his lane though and made some strategic picks that kept him ahead of Perkz. Still, things were still shaky. How could we possibly come back from over a 10k gold deficit? Everyone stayed calm, cool, and collected. They continued to farm up until late game when Gamsu’s Maokai & Rekkles’ Kog’Maw became unstoppable. Gamsu was a force to be reckoned with, he was the main reason we were able to survive our early game and get to the point where we contest objectives and make plays. He ended the game with the second most kills on the giant tree. His peels for Rekkles were instrumental in letting the marksman sit in the back line and deal consistent damage. In all, this match was entertaining to watch and satisfying to win..maybe just a tad bit stressful as well.

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It’s hard to say what went wrong in our match versus Spylce. Although they have struggled during the split and remained toward the lower end of the table they played an extremely clean game that we had a hard time dealing with. They executed decisions quickly and we failed to react to them and slowly but surely they built up a gold lead and took the game. It was a confusing loss that left us with questions but it’ll give us a lot of material to learn from. We can analyze and see what went wrong and know how to readjust and react for similar matches in the future.

In our first match against H2K many predicted Fnatic being handed a tough loss. This game looked like it would end in H2K’s favor but determination and a late-game team fight proved to be too much for H2K to handle and they were defeated. This time around we’re hoping for a more decisive victory, it all comes down to clean ganks and teamfights. We’ll be watching Spirit versus Jankos as our matchup of the week. Jankos has been instrumental in keeping his lanes in control and his presence in the jungle can quickly turn the tides during games. If Spirit can keep him in sight and prevent him from getting too far ahead it’ll be more difficult for H2K to steal the game.

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While the top of the pack is trying to take victories to secure a better seed in the Playoffs the bottom teams are trying just as hard to win games and stay out of relegation. Even in the zone of relegation teams want a higher seed so they can take their pick of the challenger team they’ll face. Roccat will be trying to do the latter in hopes of prolonging their tenure in the LCS. The team has struggled throughout the Spring Split and grabbed their second win of the season last week. Both teams are going to be determined to take the win. On paper it looks like Fnatic will take this easily but we’ve seen teams in the past pull off some unexpected victories when they’re under pressure. It’ll be up to the team to make clear decisions and calls to take a clean victory. We’ll enter this match with the same mindset as we would against a top performing team.

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