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LCS Week 8: Preview (Giants & Vitality)

Expectations were blown out of the water over the weekend at the IEM World Championship. Fnatic took home second place and learned a lot of invaluable lessons in the process. How to play from behind? Check. Bringing out unexpected champions? Check. How to exceed expectations? Check. Solo kill on Faker? Check. Okay, maybe the last one was more of a bragging point but still, the team came home with a huge list of accolades and an exceptional international showing. Now we have to translate our growth during the tournament into a strong push in the last weeks of the split.

It’s the second to last week of the split and with playoff seeds on the line, we want all the wins we can get. While H2K, Vitality, and G2 Esports duke it out for the first three positions we’re looking to nab fourth place by knocking Unicorns of Love out of the position. There’s still a lot that can happen this split and Fnatic is going to finish stronger than ever. Let’s start by reviewing week 7.

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From the get-go, we knew our game against H2K would be a tough one. With consistent, strong performances from every lane, H2K has been a strong team throughout the spring split. While we might have bested them during our first meeting a repeat was going to be hard. The game turned into a long fought out battle and in the end we lost. More importantly however, we showed a lot of improvement in our team synergy leading up to IEM. Our individual performances in lane and teamfights were very encouraging, showing just how far our boys have come as a team this split.

The entire team stepped up in our match against Roccat and we took a decisive victory. Spirit on Lee Sin was a major part of our victory, despite having a low kill score. His kicks were on point and were able to help eliminate targets. Febiven proved his proficiency on Lissandra once more, ending the game with 5 kills and Gamsu was right behind him on Graves with 4 kills. Overall this game was a great step in the right direction leading into IEM, playoffs, and the upcoming summer split. Let’s take a look at the teams we’ll be facing in week 8.

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Giants Gaming has struggled during the season but the team recently announced a huge roster shakeup. It isn’t just one lane being changed but three out of five players. The Fnatic boys will have to keep this in mind, considering new rosters have their strengths and weaknesses. New lineups need time to adjust to each other’s play styles and learn to communicate but they often can pull off some big surprises. We’ll need to keep an eye on the new top lane, jungle, and ADC and try to exploit their weaknesses as a relatively new roster. This means making aggressive plays as a team and keeping the pressure on Giants throughout the early stages of the game. If we can snowball early it should be a clean win.

We’re anticipating Vitality to be our biggest challenge of the week and possibly the rest of the split. In their last two weeks of games, they took every victory, even against some top of the table teams. Elements, Giants, Unicorns of Love, and H2K were all defeated by this lineup. They play against G2 on Friday, a team they are in a three-way tie for first place with. An upset in that game could shake their confidence, making them an easier target, but we aren’t anticipating any nerves from this team. Instead, we can go for a skill matchup in the mid lane, let Febiven do what he does best and gain an advantage on Nukeduck. Another strategy could be to focus on the bottom lane, especially on KaSing, who serves as the team’s main shot caller. Keeping him down puts him in a vulnerable position and could affect his calls.

This game also features our matchup of the week between junglers Shook and Spirit. They have similar champion pools and do a lot of work when it comes to controlling the game for their teams. Both players like the aggressive style junglers such as Nidalee and Lee Sin and create opportunities for their laners to get kills and towers. Shook has favored Nidalee in weeks past and… so does Spirit, when she’s not banned against him. We can’t wait to see what these two players bring to the table during this game.

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  • d0gma999 d0gma999
    Posted Mar 09, 2016 at 15:57

    No Nidalee pls , Spirit has had such a huge impact on Gragas & Lee Sin at IEM and I still remember his Zac in week1 being very promising , playmaking junglers with engage potential seem to bring out the best in him by enabling the solo laners so I hope he sticks to them instead of reverting back to the likes of Graves , Nidalee or Kindred.

  • djyitsu djyitsu
    Posted Mar 10, 2016 at 19:57

    I totally agree with D0gma999