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LCS Week 9: Preview (Elements & Origen)

It’s been a whirlwind of a season but the LCS Spring Split is about to come to an end. The battle for fourth place is real and Fnatic looks to come out the victor in this three-way tie against Origen and Unicorns of Love. These two teams are both teams we have a exciting history with, which makes this tie all the more exciting and important. Fnatic has a new lineup but these rivalries have remained the same. If you can recall, it was around this time last year that Fnatic won a tough best of five in the playoffs to secure the title of Spring Split champions and a trip to the Mid-Season Invitational. Fast forward to summer and we were in the same scenario, another best of five, and another playoff win for Fnatic.

We aren’t the only tie on the tables, though. H2k and G2 Esports are in a tough battle for first place glory while Elements and Splyce duke it out for seventh, a position that would secure their spot in the LCS Summer Split.  

This week all eyes are on our games against Elements and Origen. These two teams will definitely be out for blood in their final Spring Split performances but we’re sure the boys won’t give up fourth place easily.

Let’s look back at our performance last week:

Fnatic came into Week 8 with a surge of confidence. Their matches at IEM showed just how far this team has come since the beginning of the split and gave fans a glimpse of what we’re capable of. Our match against Giants! Gaming was almost like a flashback to those matches at IEM. The boys were able to pick champions like Rammus, Lee Sin, and of course Jhin, who they had shown to be very successful on in the week prior. These picks made the game significantly easier for us and we were able to end it with only two deaths. Febiven felt like he had something to prove on Corki and went 8-0-4 on the champion.

The image; drag and drop it here

Facing Vitality was never going to be easy. This team has been sitting at the top of the table for the majority of the Spring Split, which is a major accomplishment for a new team, even one filled with star players. We managed to get Corki, Lee Sin, and Jhin yet again this game but despite our high kill scores we couldn’t secure the victory. It was a relatively close game which is telling of what’s to come of Fnatic in the future. Even on an upward trend there’s still room for our team to grow, change, and readjust…right in time for our playoffs run.

Elements is in a very precarious position. There’s a sweet spot right between qualifying for playoffs and having to defend their position in the LCS and they are standing right on the edge. This game is extremely important for them which makes Elements a dangerous enemy, especially coming off their unexpected win against Unicorns of Love last week. We could shut them down with our 1-3-1 split push if we manage to get the right champions but it’s to be seen if they will let us get the likes of Jhin, Lee Sin, or Rammus again. Right now, teams have to weigh out whether it’s more important to ban out high priority champions or take out the specialty picks.

Our game against Origen will be a high-pressure one. If we both win on day one we’ll still be tied and if one loses on day one but wins on day two we’ll also see a tie. There are a lot of possible outcomes (without even throwing the Unicorns into the mix) but the fact remains that this win is going to determine our final placement. Origen has struggled to find their footing after coming off of an incredible rookie season but has been looking better throughout the split. Playing with xPeke last week seemed to rejuvenate their team and ended up with wins against Unicorns of Love and Roccat. Peke proved that he’s no retiree just yet with impressive games on Corki and LeBlanc.

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Right now we’re unsure who Febiven will be facing in the mid lane but whether it’s PowerofEvil or xPeke they’re both big threats, making this our featured match of the week.xPeke adds the element of surprise. He hasn’t played competitively all season but constantly exceeds expectations whether it was at worlds or in his first competitive matches this split. He’d be a tough opponent but we’d definitely like to see a head-to-head assassin matchup from these two famed Fnatic mid laners. PowerofEvil is another rookie star player who made his LCS debut with Febiven last year. Origen might not have the win record to prove it this split but PoE is a damn good midlaner. He might not have been on the big stage last week but knowing him we’re sure he put in a lot of practice during his time off. It’ll be interesting to see who Origen plays but we’re sure Febiven can handle whoever is thrown his way. 

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