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With MLG Columbus only a few days away, there's a lot to consider whenever there's the topic of a Major. The upcoming Major will be the first in its line to provide the newly upgraded $1,000,000 prize pool, and it will be a ride to enjoy! Join us as we sit down with Jesper 'JW' Wecksell and discuss the Major, the win at IEM Katowice 2016, the winning streak, what the team have under their sleeves, JW's creative business idea, and more!

Congratulations on your win at IEM Katowice 2016! Did the event pan out the way you expected?

Both yes and no I would say, we played way too close in some of the games, but it was a good learning experience for the major I think, which is the main goal.

This marks the 6th consecutive LAN victory for Fnatic thus far, does that add any pressure for you knowing that you’re currently on everybody’s wanted list? How confident does it make you?

I don’t think it adds any pressure on us, we don't really care on what we done in the past, all we care about is what we want to do in the future. We are pretty used to being the “most watched” team from the competition, but it doesn't affect us, we will just focus and play our own game.

Looking back at the event, there was one challenger that seemed to shine over the rest, and they go by the name of Luminosity. As a competitor that’s quite new to the list of tier 1 teams, do you see them winning championships in the future? What is your opinion on how fast they progressed through the international scene?

If I had to pick one team instead of us to win MLG Columbus, it would be Luminosity for sure, they are putting in all the time, they have all the passion and more importantly, they have incredible talent. When I watch them and the other Brazilian team Tempo Storm I think back to Dreamhack Summer 2013 which was my first international event and the passion they all have is the same passion I have, I showed it more back then just like they do it right now but hopefully MLG Columbus is not their time to shine.. :D

Luminosity is not the only Brazilian team to do well at IEM Katowice, but so did a team called Tempo Storm. With two Brazilian teams doing well at big events such as IEM Katowice, would you count Brazil as on par in terms of talent with one of the bigger countries in Europe (such as Sweden, Denmark, France, etc.)?

The Brazilians have been performing great lately for sure and I definitely think they will be considered a great Counter-Strike country in the future if they are not considered that already.

At IEM Katowice, the boys were labelled the comeback kings of the competition. What goes through your mind when you’re down by large score lines, and what inspires you in going all the way to winning a map?

We have been playing so many games and so many tournaments together so we know that we can just flip a switch and go 15-0 if we have to, when it all matters, all of us perform at our top level, we have been too slow started I would say, something that i hope will get fixed in the future but we just know in our heads that it's never over until the enemies have 16 rounds, and we just have to prevent that from happening.

The biggest disappointment at the event was in no doubt EnVyUs, who recently saw a lineup change. Do you see the lineup change as an improvement or a downgrade to the last one? Will Fnatic prepare for them any differently come the Major?

It's too early to say if it's an improvement or a downgrade, but a player change will always get the others re-focused and maybe make them more motivated and hungrier so in that way it makes sense. At a tournament like this you have to understand that every team is a contender, you can't take any team lightly, so we will prepare for every single team we can face.

Looking forward is MLG Columbus 2016, a Major held in USA with a new prizepool. With your undefeated record in one hand, and the most Major victories in the history of CS:GO in the other, there seems to be nothing stopping you. How was your preparation for the event and are you confident that you will keep the record going, in both your streak and Major titles?

Our preparation have been pretty good, sadly we seem to have a curse within the team as with the departure of pronax and his wrist injuries, olof got the problems instead, I wouldn't say it affected us super much going into this tournament, but of course it makes us a bit worried not only for the streak and for the team but also for his own health. We will go in like we do into every tournament, hungry to win and eyes on the goal.

Speaking of prizepool, Valve has officially announced all future Major tournaments to be $1,000,000. What was your initial reaction to the announcement and how does the future of CS:GO look to you now as both a player and as a fan of the eSport?

Of Course it was great news, not that i was too surprised really, we are growing so much as a esport and as a community so it was only a matter of time in my opinion, and the majors should have higher prize money as they are the most prestigious tournaments, i think it will be the most hype tournament both as a player and a viewer to date.

The event will bring in teams with new roster changes such as EnVyUs, NiP, and multiple North American lineups. How does the team prepare for the uncertainty factor, or plan to counter it?

Some of the teams will still be on their “fairytale” so they will be very hard to read, but since there is so many online games and tournaments these days, they are not totally “unknown” to us, however we will have the advantage when it comes to the stability and comfortability in the team and that might help us in the most pressured moments.

A few interviews ago, your teammates and coach mentioned that there’s still work to be done on the team due to the lineup change and Flusha’s entry into in-game leading. How comfortable are you now as a team in comparison to a few months ago?

We get better and better every day, dennis get more integrated to the team after every pracc I would say and we get more comfortable as the days go, so hopefully we will be in a scary form for MLG ;)

As a fan-service question, as the main AWPer for the team you have strengths and weaknesses. What are your favorite maps to AWP in, and which side do you prefer playing on? Do you have any maps you feel you need a bit more practice on?

It used to be inferno because there are so many different things you can do on it with the AWP, but that might have changed now for the major as I have a few new tricks up my sleeve, but i will not spoil that here and i will tell you guys to jump in and watch the matches during the major and hopefully enjoy the ride!

It’s been announced that you are opening an eSports store in your hometown of Krylbo, Avesta! Tell us about why you’re doing it and how the business world is going for you! Also, what products will we expect to see in your new store?

That is correct! Some people seem to think it's all about a way of making money, but actually it's so much more into that for me, mostly i want to educate people, i want younger to easier get involved into esports but also get their parents more understanding. I think i will be able to change some of the parents’ view on their children’s computer usage. Also obviously I will be selling anything you need to compete and more than that. All gaming keyboards, mices, mousepads and headsets you can think of. A Lot of things for people wanting to stream such as webcams, good microphones and obviously a lot of esport swag in form of player jerseys and all types of fnatic clothes and last but not least, the tasty Monster Energy drinks. If customers want to have something that I maybe don't have at that moment, I will fix that for sure, as this is a pretty new concept I would say, I will develop it and form it together with the community and their needs. To begin with it will only be Swedish obviously but in the long run i don't see a reason to not go international with it.

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