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LCS Semi Final Preview: Fnatic vs G2

We might have taken down one beast of an opponent, but there’s two more left in our quest to become Spring Split Champions. This week we look toward the semi-finals where we face the number one seed, G2 eSports. It’s been a while since we’ve faced this team on the big stage and a lot of things have changed since our win against them in Week 6. Fnatic is looking stronger than ever and we’re ready to surprise everyone and take down the number one contenders. It’s the EU LCS, where no matter where you place in the split Fnatic still wins playoffs, remember?

Yes, we plan on winning the playoffs but it’s not going to be because of that old saying. This is a new iteration of the team and one that is hungry to win on their own merits and really prove themselves to the world. It would definitely be a satisfying way to end the split after taking a little time to gel as a team. If we want to be the best we have to beat the best…and G2 is the best, there’s no doubt about it. They’ve had an explosive first split on the rift and showed dominant performances throughout all nine weeks.

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Our boys surprised a lot of people with their dominant performance against Vitality but despite our 3-1 victory, taking them down was no simple task. There were clear calls and decisions made throughout the game. This was a time where viewers really got an understanding of the full potential of our lineup. The opening match set the tone of the series, a 41-minute game with no kills on Vitality’s side. There were strong performances from Rekkles’ Ezreal, Spirit’s Kindred, and Febiven on Kassadin (a Fnatic classic) but it was Gamsu’s Maokai that was truly instrumental in our first win. He had a 100% kill participation, not too shabby for this top lane tank meta. Although it wasn’t a zero death match, game two was very similar. Early picks snowballed the game. Rekkles switched things up by playing Sivir and had another great performance, this time ending the game after having participated in 14 out of 15 kills. Klaj assisted in 12 kills. Things got a little dicey in game three and we lost the game, but the boys weren’t about to let one loss derail their hopes of making it to the semi-finals. With a little bit of reevaluation and adjustment they were able to decisively take game four …and Rekkles finally beat Vitality on Jhin.

It’s hard to make comparisons between early games in the split and playoff predictions but our score against G2 is one win and one loss. Our loss was in week three when the team was still getting used to playing with one another. Even when we beat them in week six we were still in the midst of our growth and it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since then.

G2 is a quintuple threat team, there really is no weak link. They swept the Spring Split awards: Trick earned Most Valuable Player and Perkz earned the Outstanding Rookie award with Hybrid being named as a runner-up. Even their coach Youngbuck won. While their bottom lane might not have taken any awards they’re a consistent lane that always performs.  Everywhere you turn there is another area we need to be in control of. This will require every member of our team to be at their best. This shouldn’t be a problem considering the strides we’ve made not only at the end of the split but in the weeks following as well. If our performance against Vitality was any indication, Fnatic is just revving up and is going to put up one hell of a fight.

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It’s a jungle match up for the books in this series. For our match up of the week, we want to know which one of these all-star junglers can lead their team to victory. We’ve mentioned the similarities between Spirit and Trick’s champion pools before so we’re excited to see who they end up playing. Another thing to consider is if anyone will be picking Kindred? Lee Sin, Gragas, Nidalee, and Graves have all been viable choices in the playoffs so far and both of these high-impact junglers have put up good performances on them. It’ll be interesting to see them go head-to-head on their most played champions.  

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  • Theno1fncfanboy Theno1fncfanboy
    Posted Apr 09, 2016 at 07:46

    Great article by "Amandajackson", hopefully fnatic will be spring champions once again :)