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LCS 3rd Place: Preview (Fnatic vs H2K)

That awkward moment when the script fails you… Joking aside, it was a long and hard-fought season for the new Fnatic lineup and there’s still work to be done. This week we take on H2K, the former playoff favorites, in a quest for third place and sweet, sweet championship points. Will our losses in the semifinals make this best of five any easier? Definitely not. H2K was a huge threat throughout the season and will be trying to prove that their loss to Origen was just a fluke. Remember, only three teams will represent Europe at Worlds so we need every point possible.

G2 esports were the definite favorites heading into our face-off in the quarterfinals but after handily defeating Vitality murmurs began of a possible Fnatic final. Our first game, however, was a tough defeat. The match read out like a perfect game of cat and mouse, with either team taking on the role of cat at different times. After a slow build up, an inopportune team fight near our blue buff opened up our base to the enemy and lost us the game. It proved just how easily the tides can change in a match. Luckily, we had time to adjust. The second game was about action and a lot of it. After a ban during game one, Febiven somehow got his hands on Zed and proved just why he’s known for the champion. Not all the glory goes to our mid laner though, Rekkles was unstoppable on Ezreal, Spirit on Nidalee, Gamsu on Ekko, and Klaj had almost 100% kill participation on Alistar. It was a game of skirmishes and trades and we tied up the series. In our final two games, G2 always seemed to have the upper hand. They took advantages and reacted well to trades and were able to eventually outplay us. Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow but one we must all eventually face. While we don’t like losing we now know our areas to improve upon and can look forward to facing this team again next split.

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For the past two seasons, H2K has been a difficult opponent. They have been strong and consistent…up until playoffs. According to the community this team should once again take third place but we already went off script once and we’ll certainly be doing it again. In their Bo5 against Origen, H2k showed that they’re strong at what they do but there also wasn’t much variety in their playstyle. We saw some of the same, early game lane swaps and towers trades. It’s a strategy we’ve come to expect and one that can be exploited. Another chink in their armor were team fights with champions that just didn’t seem to mesh well. They stuck to a repeating range of champions, Ekko in four out of five games, Graves in three. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing but there were varying levels of success throughout. This will be something for us to look at. Is it a consistent trend over time? Can we plan strategies around it? If we strike H2K fast and keep up the pressure there’s a chance of taking this as a three-game series. Knowing H2K, this won’t be an easy task but we’ve got to try.

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Now for the featured matchup of the week…drum roll, please…Rekkles vs Forgiven. What? Not surprised? Well, who else did you expect it to be? This is the crème de la crème of marksmen matchups. If you’re looking for an opponent to really push you to the limit then Forgiven is the right choice. He’s known to be unrelenting in his pursuit of enemies and we expect that to be no different in this series. Rekkles will have to be quick on his toes and try to gain advantages while keeping Godgiven at bay. It will be a challenge but Rekkles is no doubt up for it and will exceed expectations. 

This might not be the grand final, but there’s definitely a lot riding on 3rd place. You don’t want to miss a clash of this magnitude, so cancel your plans and get ready for some amazing League of Legends. 

May the best team win.

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