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With the recent announcement of the teams in attendance of the ELEAGUE, a televised league hosted by Turner and WME/IMG, CS:GO shall be taking a new leap into the future of the eSport. The league will kick off on May 24 with a six-week regular season leading up to the playoffs, which will end in a best-of-three final rightly named the “Global Championship”, to take place on July 30. The debut season will feature $1.2 million and host a total of 24 teams, with majorily European and North American teams with the exception of MLG Columbus winners Luminosity, and Tyloo, the only Asian team in attendance. We sit down with one of our most renowned clutcher, Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, to discuss the upcoming league.

With the loss at MLG Columbus now behind us, we’ve learned that even the most dominant of teams are still human after all. Does the loss at the Major encourage you to re-enact your six event win-streak and make even more records in 2016?

We always want to win, no matter the size of the tournament or match and to be frank, that major loss was one of my toughest loss ever in my career. The way we lost was devastating and we've had a hard time resetting after that.

Temporarily taking Olofmeister’s position is Niclas “PlesseN” Plessen, how has the experience been with him so far in his role?

Playing with Plessen was fun, he had a lot of energy and contributed a lot with individual skill. However, he was still very inexperienced in how to play in a big team and so we felt we needed to pick wenton instead, that brings a lot more experience and knowledge.

Recently ELEAGUE compiled their full list of competing teams, with Fnatic being a part of it as well. Turner has developed a very large league with a hefty amount of prize money. Do you feel playing in leagues largely affects training for LAN events?

The format for ELEAGUE is different from any other league as the group phase will be played almost as a mini-LAN, I wouldn't even call it a league in that way actually. However, when it comes to other leagues, it surely affects training for tournaments as teams can study you more easily with the more games you play.

How does playing in leagues compare to a LAN event where brackets end in a few days? Do you prefer playing a longer online league with a LAN final, or playing more short LAN events but increased travel time?

I think they both have their benefits and downsides. The variation is good, it gives you something new each time.

As a follow-up question, would you like more leagues to become strictly online or would you prefer all the leagues to end in a LAN final?

If the prize pools are not affected by it, online tournaments would work fine, but nothing can come close to playing on a big stage in front of thousands of people. That feeling is something else.

Turner and WME/IMG have announced that this tournament will be televised across several digital platforms. Do you believe that will be a huge benefit to CS:GO as an eSport? How do you feel about your matches being televised on networks such as TBS?

I feel it can create an interest for “common people” to realize esport is a thing. It will work as a gateway for sport enthusiast to get into esport.

What’s the team’s plan moving forward? Any significant plans over the course of the next month?

A lot of practice with wenton ahead of the ESL finals. We will be prepared.

With Majors at every corner and qualifiers in the next, it’s easy to forget how large the online leagues are becoming. With FACEIT announcing the $3.5 million ECS, and now Turner announcing the first ever televised league in CS:GO, a lot of attention is starting to turn to the importance of online matches. With the upcoming league being very familiar to the widely popular LCS of League of Legends (granted not as high in prize pool), the competition set to start on the 24th of May will be yet another beacon in CS:GO’s bright future.

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