Today, we sit down with the coach of our CS:GO team, Viktor "Vuggo" Jendeby, just days before ESL One Cologne. The Major will present the best of the best, and $1,000,000 is on the line. Fnatic has been placed in the "group of death" with some of the best teams in the world, and now Fnatic has the best player in the world, Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, to fight back. With CS:GO's competitive scene being so unstable lately, what can Vuggo tell us from behind the scenes? Let's find out!

ESL One Cologne is just around the corner. How’s the team feeling now that they have a shot at another Major title?

The feeling within the team is good, we've been working hard the last couple of days and made great progress with our flaws and previous mistakes.

Now that the legendary lineup is back together, are the players motivated to bring back the same rhythm they’ve grown accustomed to?

We actually had some issues with that, when Olof came back. With Wenton we felt like underdogs, we felt we needed to work really hard to remain one of the top teams. When Olof returned, we got lazy and laidback with the feeling that “now were the best again”. ECS was a great reality check that we really need to put in the hours to reclaim our #1 position.

Olofmeister was exceptional at ELEAGUE, with not only high ratings across the board but also won MVP awards. Considering it was his first event since his return to activity, do you believe he’s already back to his previous skill ceiling?

None of us thought he'd get back to his normal level this quickly, but he has since returning been the same Olof that had to take a break a few months back.

Olof is surely a natural in competition. How has he been feeling so far both physically and mentally now that he’s returned to such a busy schedule?

He is not fully recovered but is doing a lot of rehab and exercises and is doing better mentally about it each day.

While Olof was on hiatus, the boys spent a few months playing with stand-ins. How has the team adjusted to playing with Wenton and Plessen?

Olof is one of the greatest playmakers in the world and a lot of our gameplans and mid round calling was made around his feelings and moves. Not having him around forced us to play a lot differently and it was tough at first. I think we were on our way to build something great even with Wenton but it took a lot of time and it feels great to have Olof back.

Was it easy to return to playing with a full lineup after months of adjusting to stand-ins?

With the change we made for the stand-ins, we discovered a few new ways of thinking, and with Olof back we've tried to find a balance between how we approached the game before his injury and while he was gone. We’re doing great progress in that.

As coach, there’s no doubt that you’ve had a tough period adapting to the changes. Do you look forward to the future now that the team is back together?

It's been tough for the whole team, a lot of new challenges for all of us. Challenges that has helped us grow as a team.

Will there be any teams you’ll be particularly looking out for at Cologne, especially after the rise of new competition lately and lineup changes to existing ones?

No, not really. All the best teams are there and we have to give our 110% to win. All matches will be tough.

Group D has been labelled by many as the group of death, maybe it is a good opportunity for Fnatic to eliminate the hardest hitters early on?

You've got to beat the best to be the best, no matter at what stage of the tournament. We have had troubles to get going early before and usually excell more towards the bracket. That will be a challenge for us this time.

Knowing the team’s experience at Majors and players like Flusha being known as a superstar at Majors, is there a special type of motivation that drives the players before a Major?

The Majors will always have a more special feeling to it. It reflects our motivation, focus and determination during practice.

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