With the remainder of the ELEAGUE Season 1 playoffs soon to kickoff, the televised league will finally crown its victor this weekend. Fnatic will be playing against Na'Vi in the semi-final on Friday in what promises to be an exciting clash between two top teams. Today, we sit down with our star clutch player Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson to discuss the victory against EnVyUs in the quarter-final, the upcoming match against Na'Vi, the team's opinion of ELEAGUE's format, the team's preperation, and more!

Last Thursday you defeated EnVyUs and you will be playing against Na’Vi in the semi-final. With such a clear victory against EnVyUs, are you confident in the clash against Na’VI?

We always play with a lot of confidence, sometimes a little too much, I’m afraid. We have a great record against NaVi, and I feel like the ball is in their hands really. If we play as we should, they will have a hard time to reach the final.

Before playing in the quarter-final, the team returned from a well deserved break. How have you approached ELEAGUE now that you’ve had the time to rest?

We've played so much during this summer, been to so many events that we haven't really felt that hardcore practicing is needed right now. We've been having a fairly passive approach towards playing, solely focusing on other things in life to regain motivation for the game.The feeling for tomorrow's game is good. We are rested and hungry to compete.

The group stage had a large margin for error with plenty of matches played. What do you think of the format used at ELEAGUE and would you like the team to play this format often?

There were simply too many games that mattered very little. I'd like to see a more standard format for next season.

The quarter-final was against EnVyUs where you defeated them 2-0. Did the match go as you expected?

I think both Envy and us have been under performing lately. We knew they are a great team when everything clicks but it simply didn't this time. I think we were in control of the game from the start to the end.

There’s a one week gap between the quarter final and the rest of the playoffs. Do you agree that one part of the playoffs should have a week gap while the semi-final and grand-final matches are only a day apart?

When we travel, we travel to compete, to play. If we wanted a vacation here we would've stayed a few days when the tournament is over. I'm not saying we didn’t have a good time here in Atlanta, but when travelling as much as we do, we rather minimize the dead time.

How have you spent the week gap in preparation for your semi final match against Na’Vi?

Gamewise we haven't prepared much at all. We've played NaVi so many times, we know what needs to be done to beat them. We've been doing some tourism, playing some casual CS and OW (Overwatch) and just having a good time together.

The semi-final will be against Na’Vi. What are your predictions for the Bo3?

I'm fairly convinced we will come out as winners but if they bring their A-game, we will have to really fight for it.

On the other side of the bracket, mousesports will be playing against Virtus.Pro in the semi-final. Which team are you more comfortable playing against and why?

I wouldn't say it matters that much which team we play in the potential final. They are both good teams, mouz is in great form, and VP is slowly regaining theirs, so they will both be tough opponents.

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