RaidCall PLAY present LoL Cup

RaidCall PLAY present LoL Cup

Recently RaidCall PLAY have hosted sucessful Starcraft II, HoN, Dota2, CoD4 and CS 1.6 tournaments, but now it's time for League of Legends to shine. We are bringing you a 128 team Cup with $600 prize pool. 

This is the first RaidCall LoL Cup and it will be on the EU West server, events for EU Nordic & East is possible in the future. First of all though, we'd like to see the best from EU West compete! All teams are welcome, with 128 team slots available, be sure to sign up with the whole team and check-in on time.

So, 128 teams will play on the first day, after the RO16 play will stop for the day. The winners will advance to the second day where they will be joined by eight invited teams. That's right, the first day is for the sign-up teams where they are fighting for their spot in the RO16 on Day 2 along with teams such as FnaticRaidCall,, SK Gaming and more.

The tournament will be covered at Fnatic PLAY and of course here at It will also be casted by FnaticTV, an embed will be given when live.



- Tournament is open for EU WEST Only!
- Sign up your team and have all of your members on the roster.
- Once a member creates the team on the PLAY website, other members join it by pressing the register button, then instead of creating a new team, they join an existing team, pick up their team from the list and enter password provided by teams' creator.
- At least one member of every team must be present at the fnatic.PLAY channel  on mIRC.
- Read the rules carefully as any violation of the ruleset may cause disqualification of the team.
- If you are using a standin, it needs to be reported to an admin before the game starts. Maximum 1 standin is allowed.



Tuesday 3rd April (Day 1):

Check-in: 18:00 - 18:45 CET (First 128 to check-in will play)

RO128: 19:00
RO64: 20:00
RO32: 21:00
RO16: 22:00

Wednesday 4th April (8 invited teams and 8 qualified):

RO16: 19:00 CET
RO8: 20:00
RO4: 21:00
FINAL: 22:00 (BO3)

INVITED TEAMS FnaticRaidCall x6tence SK
 Western Wolves Meet Your Makers
 Absolute Legends

Want to join these teams on Day 2?

- Top 8 teams from Day 1 in Open Bracket will qualify for Day 2
- Team on left side of PLAY Match page will choose if they take first pick OR choose which side
- On Day 2 teams will coinflip to decide side/first pick


Something for the viewers...

Of course we have to give something to the viewers and we are giving you something very special. This is the last Steelseries Fnatic Mousemat signed by the League of Legends team. There are 9 lucky winners of these so far, and someone needs to be the final owner. Join the caster (TBA), organizers and other viewers on the Fnatic RaidCall Channel to have a chance!


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  • rAk1N rAk1N
    Posted Mar 30, 2012 at 14:12

    good luck to all.

  • xRidik xRidik
    Posted Apr 03, 2012 at 17:46
    * This comment has been deleted *
  • TastyMangos TastyMangos
    Posted Apr 04, 2012 at 18:07

    where is the channel? :s