FnaticRC StarCraft Marathon #2

FnaticRC StarCraft Marathon #2

Yes, you read it right. Four members from the FnaticRaidCall StarCraft 2 team are offering you the chance to watch them play as they are taking part in the newest edition of the FnaticRaidCall StarCraft Marathon. The players will be streaming a total of eight hours StarCraft 2 from the new FnaticRaidCall gaming house in Seoul, Korea. The players, taking part in the event, are no other than Fnatic's very own Rain, aLive, ByuL and ToD, players, who all are strong forces on the StarCraft 2 scene.

You will get the chance to watch each of the Fnatic members play as every single of them has been granted two hours of dedicated stream. Alongside the ingame stream, you will also get the chance to watch the players through a webcam installment.

The full StarCraft marathon schedule
09:00 - 11:00 AM CET / 04:00 - 06:00 KST - Yoan "ToD"  Merlo
11:00 - 13:00 AM CET / 06:00 - 08:00 KST - Jil Won "ByuL" han
13:00 - 15:00 AM CET / 08:00 - 10:00 KST - Lee Seok "aLive" Han
15:00 - 17:00 AM CET / 10:00 - 12:00 KST - Seo Yong "Rain" Park

So remember to tune in on Sunday to watch some of the best players in world stream some interesting StarCraft 2. Remember to watch this space as FnaticRaidCall will be announcing more exciting features in the feature for all of you out there.

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  • Acker Acker
    Posted Mar 31, 2012 at 16:44

    Definitely worth a watch! gl

  • Triple_M Triple_M
    Posted Mar 31, 2012 at 16:56

    I'd love watch them play, especially Byul, but if I'm correct Time-zones are a bitch D:

  • ToD ToD
    Posted Mar 31, 2012 at 17:49

    the vods should be up after the live session ends Triple_M :)

  • Triple_M Triple_M
    Posted Mar 31, 2012 at 18:27

    Cool :D Thank you.

  • Amplify Amplify
    Posted Apr 01, 2012 at 00:08

    Aww no moon :(