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  • lumpycustard lumpycustard
    2014-07-20 21:55

    I just wanted to say that I thought your letter to the community was very kindhearted in regards to its treatment of Era's recent struggles. You seem to understand the unique struggle of debilitating mental illness, and you still seem to care about Era, and call him a brother, despite the mistakes he has made in his contact with Valve and what it has cost you. That is not an easy thing to do, and shows a strength of character, and an emotional maturity, that can be a little rare amongst Dota 2 competitive players. It is little wonder to me that you have been a member of the most stable team the community has seen to date.

    I wouldn't say I'm a huge Fnatic fanboy, but I've always wanted to see the team do well, and liked the way you approach the game, even back when you were just HoNtrash. The way all of the members of the team have dealt with this issue has made me cheer for you more, and I was saddened to see what happened at TI4. I just wanted to say that I at least would understand if the team was not able to continue onwards together, as the emotions that you guys are probably dealing with must be very powerful, and you may not be able to move forward as a team. As unimportant as the support of one fan is in the grand scale, I just wanted to say I will support you and all of your teammates in any future endeavors you undertake, be it together, separate or some combination of the two.