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Alexander Zavoloka

31 year old Male from Latvia, member since 2005-05-27

I attended more than 70 tournaments, 90% of them were international ones. While I was on it, I managed to take more than 150 000 photos, compose 150+ interviews, 200+ articles, 7 000+ news items.

I worked for all major e-sport portals in Russia and Baltics. Started my own portal ( in 2004 and successfully sold it to Proplay afterwards.

Started another coverage web-site,, in June 2010, which was later sold to one of Russia's biggest publishing houses, "7 Dney". We've started from scratch and today ( is second largest e-sport web-site in Russia/Ukraine.

Starting from 2012, I'm fnatic's Editor-in Chief!

  • Tyson Tyson
    2012-12-23 06:10

    plz reply in consern with my comment

  • Triple_M Triple_M
    2012-06-02 23:45

    Sent. =D

  • Astar Astar
    2012-04-26 18:24

    can you tell me when it will come ?

  • VeRxus VeRxus
    2012-03-26 23:12

    hello there mate.
    you answered to my post to cooperate. u said something was wrong with the hotmail domain. is there anything that i can do to help? for example giving u another e-mail adress or something like this? i didnt blamed fnatic i know they have much to do but i just want to take my rewards for recruiting this guys, thank you :)

  • shameezh shameezh
    2012-03-26 12:30

    about 100K bonus prizes
    what if we dont have access to Primary email address we use for Facebook?

    because i dont remmber my password for that email account. but i change the primary account to anthr new email last week.. but havn't received your form to that yet..

    is there any way we can contact you directly? i sent a msg to email address in site contact info but no reply for any. this is my ref link. i hv refd 80 people so far

  • hancu hancu
    2010-07-18 19:42

    add me on skype dude, wanna have you around in the future :) hancu-andrei

  • Kirusha Kirusha
    2009-02-05 10:42

    КЭ ftw ;)

  • fejt fejt
    2008-12-16 20:51

    how r u, dude? :D

  • fejt fejt
    2008-12-15 21:48

    hehe its ok i know :)

  • fejt fejt
    2008-08-16 22:37

    Hii Lex :D how are you ?:D

  • Edward Edward
    2008-05-22 20:44

    довольно уютно )

  • veNema veNema
    2008-05-15 21:20

    aga, ty ?

  • redman redman
    2008-05-14 11:38

    =)) было бы круто

  • redman redman
    2008-05-14 11:35

    =) неплохо толко вот музыки с видео нехватает )

  • redman redman
    2008-05-14 11:33

    hEYHEY =)

  • Nostra Nostra
    2008-04-17 12:03


  • Ben Ben
    2008-04-12 03:00


  • FnaticSAM FnaticSAM
    2008-04-11 11:38

    Then big scripts up next will be videos and probably tagging in galleries what do you think of tagging?

  • FnaticSAM FnaticSAM
    2008-04-11 11:38

    also email notificaitons should be on today as wll with settings on the dashboard.. and lots of fixes to teams and groups to make it easier to use

  • FnaticSAM FnaticSAM
    2008-04-11 11:37

    New achievements script coming today, with the ability to request an event so you can add any event.. also new game system so you can request games and platforms so you can choose which game you play on which platform