Elroy Pinto

30 year old Male from India, member since 2007-03-06

Creative Director of Fnatic, I look after the website as Editor in Chief, Social media & Video departments of Fnatic. Been a part of the team since 2007.

  • e-spider e-spider
    2015-03-08 09:45

    Hey Elroy! Long time no see ;)
    I ve started playing wc3 for fun again a few weeks ago. Just read your article on the passing of Space, brought tears to my eyes and made me very sad. Really nicely written!
    Hope you are doing fine and keep up the good work.

    2014-06-12 15:29

    Oh....well its great to see Indians in the field of gaming...and that to a big team like FNATIC!!
    Keep up the thing man!!
    You have me best wishes :D

    2014-04-03 10:26

    Hey Elroy!
    Where are you in India??

  • tGo tGo
    2013-12-11 12:49


  • tGo tGo
    2013-12-10 17:15


  • Babsje Babsje
    2012-09-10 21:17

    has been some time since somebody showed some love here ~ :D

  • Inzan1ty Inzan1ty
    2012-08-08 18:19

    Man, you happen to be everywhere where Moon plays, and I happen to support every team that Moon is in :D

    Good old trolling times on SK forums with MYM vs 4Kings hehehehe

    man I love you. (no homo)

    WC3....SC2....damn looking forward to even see you managing a WC4 team (with Moon!) xD

    Keep pimping, bro

  • tin tin
    2011-07-30 15:03

    Hi, I worked to companies like Coca-Cola, MTV Networks and I need to talk to you so accept my request to be friend and send to me a msg with your msn for we talk about that. Tell me something ASAP please.

  • dotmiko dotmiko
    2010-11-22 04:27

    is there any way that i can still order the custom msi shirt? i need a reply please!

  • Sniffles Sniffles
    2010-09-01 18:49

    HI HI loaf

  • nish nish
    2010-08-05 16:15

    hey ,can yun suggest a one word name ( like Fnatic has ) for a CS clan ????

  • Maxanda Maxanda
    2010-06-26 04:47

    I just wanted to say congrats on your recent interview. I certainly found it interesting to learn more about what you do as a GM and member of FnaticMSI. Good wishes to you. :)

  • Babsje Babsje
    2010-06-18 20:46

    I am here with the intention to spread love.

  • nish nish
    2010-05-11 14:14 GM of fnatic..hunh!!! no hard feelings ,but i neva expected an indian to be the GM of FNATIC...........neways,its super-cool ....

  • nish nish
    2010-05-11 13:23

    heii.. no hard feelings but m realy surprised dat an indian is the GM of FNATIC.....daz iz super-cool !!

  • nish nish
    2010-05-10 18:02

    GM of Fnatic MSI ??? woah !!!!

  • iRene iRene
    2010-04-07 16:57

    Hi hiii!!

  • Lady Valentine Lady Valentine
    2010-03-22 14:40

    So where you kind of mentoring the CS guys before the showmatch against Rakaka? With your experiences =]]

  • Lady Valentine Lady Valentine
    2010-03-22 00:57

    What about you? =p

  • Lady Valentine Lady Valentine
    2010-03-22 00:56

    I played CS a couple years and Warcraft 3 sometimes..Now I'm trying out Quake Live =]