Martin Larsson

20 year old Male from Sweden, member since 2013-03-13

Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson is a Swedish League of Legends player, currently the Marksman for team Fnatic.

  • DextryHD DextryHD
    2014-11-07 23:02

    Hello Rekkles youre the best adc EVER the thing with the world is forgotten :D
    but you are and will be the best i like youre lucian place very much and like to see it every time

  • Mivuris Mivuris
    2014-08-17 20:10

    You are GOD

  • FNCRekkles FNCRekkles
    2014-04-22 22:00

    You're my hero

  • Valor Springz Valor Springz
    2014-04-22 20:11

    Hello Mr. Rekkles-sensei,
    I just wanted to say that you ARE awesome! Thanks for every kill you made under the bright banner of Fnatic! Oh and because of you I changed my mind about Lucian. This Champion truly deals damage, if he is played right. And I started playing Jynx toplane, but that's ....well.... that's another story.
    thank you Sensei for giving me hope...

    And when you represent Europe always remember:
    "Don't get too Rekkles... LoL is still a Game!"