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  • Toxter Toxter
    2016-03-19 02:59

    Hi Inz.

    You posted a thread about Fnatic creating a challanger team.
    Is there any update on this topic?

    I have sent in application and im hoping for a reply.

  • bekim selimi bekim selimi
    2013-11-10 16:11

    Hey man can you tell me My brother is on [email protected],he wants to buy it here,where to find it ,with Scythe of vyse,and how to get the item on my steam account ?!?

  • LLLMelle LLLMelle
    2013-06-10 14:19

    Hey, I just wanted to say a thing about your "Harstem wins DSCL" article, it says I (Melle) lost 2-0 to Darko but I won 2-0 and got 4th place instead of him.