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Viktor Jendeby

27 year old Male from Sweden, member since 2006-01-05

CS:GO coach

  • Hearty72 Hearty72
    2015-09-18 07:26

  • Hearty72 Hearty72
    2015-09-18 07:26

  • Genius Genius
    2014-12-16 17:18

    cArn where do i download cs??

  • v1ct0ry v1ct0ry
    2014-10-23 22:31

  • baljaa baljaa
    2014-08-05 11:17


  • jahan jahan
    2014-07-29 12:26

    I love u cArn

    2014-06-12 15:42

    Max respect man!!
    You keep Fnatic going LONG AND STRONG

  • meriton kadriu meriton kadriu
    2014-01-18 18:55

    pse spo muj mej donwaldu cfg e tu cArn

  • .lly0d .lly0d
    2014-01-07 03:15

    Happy new year boss! keep going

  • Tangen Tangen
    2013-11-12 23:08

    Hey. I just bought this new monitor FORIS FG2421. Now i have downloaded your color settings and i would like to use them. I can see it is a .dat file. May i where i shpuld put this .dat file?

  • cArn cArn
    2013-09-17 21:57

    Happy birtch day My Hero !

  • miNani miNani
    2013-04-10 17:59

    Happy Birthday! Patrik.

  • Inside Inside
    2013-03-13 18:16

    hey carn i cant download anything from the download section when i click the download button nothing happens im using Firefox and i tried it with opera too but still nothing happens

    greetz Inside

  • hdi hdi
    2013-03-02 15:36

    pls u cfg

    2013-02-27 18:39

    carn cfg original plzZZZzzzZZzzz :D :*

  • Inside Inside
    2013-02-11 10:45

    hey carn how is your life going on

  • laughteR laughteR
    2013-01-26 10:22

    dude do you keep playing in fnatic team ?

  • 6eka 6eka
    2012-12-23 18:06

    you ?????

  • poAk poAk
    2012-12-23 15:36

    Mr. cArn I wonder if you could help me with an error when I try to download fnatic GUI 2012, the same thing happens to me when I download the GUI 2010 and 2011.
      When I extract the rar file jumps me the following error, could you explain how to fix the error?

    Here the error: "The file has an unknown format or damaged"

  • Lycann Lycann
    2012-11-13 05:08

    I m having a problem with my CS 1.6 version.
    when i press "W" key and at the same time if i press "2" key pistol is not comming ie while running i cant get pistol by pressing "2" key by pressing "Q" i can get pistol (if my last weapon was pistol).
    and while pressing "A" key i am not able to change weapon using "Q" but by pressing "A" key i can get pistol by pressing "2".

    just now i install my CS 1.6 again and i am not facing this kind of problem for about 10-15 rounds but after that same problem again

    dude can you help me to solve this problem of my CS 1.6 please.......