Looking ahead to HGC Phase #2, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member of Fnatic Heroes of the Storm, Petar ‘LastHope’ Kovacevic, and the return of an old face in Simon ‘scHwimpi’ Svensson.

The players will join forces with Pontus ‘Breez’ Sjögren, Filip ‘SmX Liljeström and Thomas ‘Ménè’ Cailleux after the upcoming 2018 HGC Mid-Season Brawl, heading into the all important Phase proceeding the 2018 HGC Grand Finals at Blizzcon later this year.

LastHope arrives as an unknown force to many in competitive Heroes of the Storm, but the Serbian offlaner has been dominating on the Hero League leaderboard and comes with full recommendation of his new teammates.

“Ever since I got into gaming, I was always familiar with the Fnatic brand and now I'm honoured to be a part of it. I am thankful for this opportunity to prove myself and I look forward to every upcoming challenge.” - Petar ‘LastHope’ Kovacevic

scHwimpi needs very few words as introduction after an already storied career in the Black and Orange. He was involved in our two Blizzcon HGC World Championship Grand Finals as well as lifting the Western Clash and Mid-Season Brawl trophies in our incredible 2017 run.

scHwimpi arrives as part of a swap between us and Team Method, with Benjamin ‘BadBenny’ Eekenulv returning to his old team as part of the deal.

LastHope will take the mantle of offlaner in place of BadBenny, with scHwimpi coming in as our ranged flex player in place of long-term captain, Dob ‘Quackniix’ Engström, who leaves now for Zealots.

“I really want to compliment Quackniix and BadBenny for the work they put into this team. Both of them had a huge impact in the team’s successful moments and I am sure both of them will be great in-game leaders for their new teams!

This change is the only way to guarantee a fresh start to everybody, which is what we need going into Phase #2. scHwimpi is a great fit for the team due to his experience, drafting knowledge, hero pool and mechanical skill.

LastHope has shown up in tryouts, and, having seen his learning curve and discipline, I have no doubt that he will become a top player in his role. I am excited to support this promising roster on their way to the very top!” - Markus ‘blumbi’ Hanke, Head Coach

We thank Quackniix and BadBenny richly for everything they have already helped us achieve as part of Fnatic. After Mid-Season Brawl, we can be sure to remember their time in the Black and Orange fondly - hopefully with a trophy to their name.

We hope you join us in wishing them the very best as they continue their incredible Heroes of the Storm careers.

You can see Fnatic Heroes of the Storm in action at the 2018 Mid-Season Brawl at DreamHack Jönköping, starting on 9th June. HGC Phase #2 Europe Pro League will start 29th June.