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AMD: 20 Questions with JW

Welcome to AMD's 20 Questions With JW! With the PGL Major well underway, our partners dropped in on the action to bring you guys a little closer to the once again LEGENDARY Wonderchild.

1) The best all round CS:GO player in the world is...


2) Three things it takes to go pro.

Dedication, mentality and SOME talent.

3) You're packing your bag for a LAN event. What's the one thing you always bring?

My passport. Jokes aside, I don't really have anything special that I ALWAYS bring with me except for clothes.

4) Your favourite Fnatic player in any game is...


5) Describe him in one word.


The Fnatic CS:GO team have been bootcamping prior to the PGL Major in Krakow.

6) If you weren't a professional gamer, you would be a...

I really don't know. Probably something to do with PCs or IT as it's one of my biggest interests.

7) The biggest misconception of pro players is...

On the server everyone is enemies, but outside of the game we are one big esports family. Rivalries usually stay on the server.

8) The main problem with the pro scene is...

Too many online matches.

9) The worst misplay I've made that ended up working is...

Wasting my last bullet with the AWP on the A site thru box to hax Ex6tenz at DreamHack Stockholm.

10) The one retiree that I wish was still playing is...

cArn. Legendary leader.

11) If I'm not playing Counter-Strike, I'm probably...

Playing another esport title, maybe Dota 2.

12) The in-game stat that fans should pay attention to, but probably don't is...

Damage done by grenades. Our entry trades as well.

13) The weirdest thing a fan has said to me is...

I don't really have any weird fan experiences.

14) The pro that needs VAC banning is...


JW helped the team to an 11th consecutive 'Legends' spot.

15) If you could make up a European dream team, who would be in it? - @HeroNateOnline

JW, flusha, dennis, KRiMZ & Olofmeister.

16) What is the best memory from your career? - @BvsxdWxve

Winning my first Major, DreamHack Winter 2013.

17) What DPI and in-game sensitivity are you using? - @Sotzius

400 dpi and 2.3 ingame sens, 0.9 zoom sens.

18) Who is your favourite team to play against? - @HaugLifecs

I think I've always produced great highlight clips versus the frenchies…. So i guess it must go to them.

19) Favourite weapon skin? - @BluTaters

Dragon Lore, easy.

20) Cats or dogs? - @Hrishimeister

Dogs... I don't trust cats.