With Clash Royale League steadily approaching us, we can now announce that we’ve completed our full CR roster with the signing of Dion ‘Dion’ van Die and Etienne ‘LemonTea’ Riboulot.

Joining the two in their move to Los Angeles will be Holden ‘Holden’ Sayles, our new Team Director and Kyle Kloss, the team’s Head Coach.

Dion and LemonTea will be joining Asuchini and zTeemper, who we announced as the first in CR Black and Orange at the start of June.

Born in 1999, Dion, impressed at the recent Clash Royale EU Combine in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to show off his prowess ahead of the CRL.

Frenchman, LemonTea comes in as the second youngest player of our new roster.

"I am beyond thrilled to begin this new journey with some of the best players in the world. Given our talent, drive, and the greatest support staff anyone could ask for, I’m confident we will be a top team in the inaugural season." - Holden, Clash Royale Team Director

Our full roster - Asuchini, zTeemper, Dion and LemonTea - as well as Kyle Kloss and Holden, will now prepare for the inaugural Clash Royale League Season that will commence at the end of the summer!